Preparation is the be-all of good trial work. Everything else-felicity of expression, improvisational brilliance-is a satellite around the sun. Thorough preparation is that sun.

Louis Nizer

Preparation for war is a constant stimulus to suspicion and ill will.

James Monroe

School is not preparation for life, but school is life.

John Dewey

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.

Alexander Graham Bell

Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.

John Dewey

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.


Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not a preparation for life but is life itself.

John Dewey

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

Colin Powell

Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.

Robert Louis Stevenson

There is no such thing as luck. There is only adequate or inadequate preparation to cope with a statistical universe.

Robert A. Heinlein

It's a great thing for us. The first time we played BYU, the coaches put us through a whole week of preparation.

Curtis Terry

All members of the team have to abide by the team agreement. If they don't abide by it they can be dismissed from the team. They have been made aware of that in the letter. You can comment on your own performance and preparation and all those sorts of things but you do not comment on the performances of your fellow team members.

Perry Crosswhite

Some of the burden (of tax preparation) is just making sure you don't lose any pieces of paper. If you need to get it replaced, it's a pain. It's all unnecessary. It's all in the state computer in our name. You ought to be able to log online, or have your accountant do it, and get access to all that data.

Joseph Bankman

We are in the preparation stage and are assessing our vendor base, manufacturing capacity and the seasonality of demand. We will launch Civic after all details are worked out.

Rajive Saharia

We're constantly preparing for emergencies, ... This just shows that the preparation works.

Steve Williams

When you perform and people are yelling, it's the same, like people (who) are yelling when you're running for a touchdown. The preparation is the same before a performance and before a game. Your heart is beating just like before a football game.

Gawain Scott

The bottom line is, I'm not just interested in an entrance criteria change. I'm interested in the entire preparation process.

Anne Brown

I like our work ethic and our kids. We have a tremendous amount of preparation to do before we are ready for the postseason tournament run.

John Riggs

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.

Arthur Ashe

China is a real and fierce market battleground. Anyone entering this arena with only a half-hearted fighting preparation would be knocked out very quickly.

Peter Chen

It's two teams who know nothing about each other. Here, we won't have the luxury of preparation.

Keith Walker

The very next day, we were breaking down film, and started our preparation for our next game against Sequoia.

Matt Ballard

It's like a preparation for war. It literally is. We're conditioned as athletes to recognize the culmination of our season. Here it is. You have to change your attitude as you go into the playoffs, change your mentality, change how you go about every day. As a player, you basically have to extend yourself past your normal boundaries, because once you're done, you're done. You see the finish line.

Aaron Ward

No agreement has been signed but we have been involved in discussions with the Hungarian FA with a view to playing them in one of our World Cup preparation games on May 30 and we will confirm that once we are in a position to do so.

Adrian Bevington

Most of us would be playing somewhere anyway. In terms of getting your body in shape and getting mentally prepared, there?s probably no better preparation than this.

Raef Lafrentz

We'll work on fine tuning our box offense and our zone defense in preparation for Brookings. We know we'll have our hands full.

Randy Gross

What a lot of people don't realize is these tests are given in preparation for the 10th-grade GQE. That's the one with the highest stakes for individual students. They have to eventually pass that to graduate.

Linda Stephenson

The biggest challenge is bringing a group of people together with a very short preparation time.

Greg Gilbert

For acid-loving plants, soil preparation should be done well in advance. Lowering soil pH is much trickier than raising soil pH.

Hugh Savoy

Our volunteers are the heart of the program. Many have been helping for years. They enjoy the challenges of tax preparation and they're dedicated to helping in their communities.

Gregg Semanick

It would be nice to get an early mark, ... I'm in favour of going home early because it gives us ideal preparation for our clubs.

Lucas Neill

The more the driver and their parent or guardian puts into preparation, the more they get out of the experience.

Lindsey Johnson

I learned a lot from (Mason), watching how he practiced and his preparation for games. I think Mase is a guy that I don't know if I mirrored my game after, but I definitely mirrored my preparation and that kind of stuff after him.

Andrew Bennett

This issue is only a skirmish in preparation for a huge battle -- over whether North Korea is willing to give up its nuclear weapons.

Richard Bush

Our guys expected to win that football game. No doubt in my mind, they expected to win that game. It's carried over into the offseason, into preparation for the fall.

David Saunders

Our mind-set and preparation have changed so much over the season. We are two totally different people than we were in October. Now we get to do some fun things like shows and seminars.

Aaron Parchem

I would continue my foreign policy, but also would pay more attention to developing internal infrastructure in preparation for EU membership.

Valdas Adamkus

He had booked a ticket to fly from Manchester to Amsterdam in preparation for an onward flight to the United States on which the explosive device would be initiated.

Richard Horwell

It's awesome. We earned it. We did a month's preparation.

Brian Hunt

We know now more then ever that we need to perform at our very best for the entire 90 minutes for this game, if we're going to have an ideal preparation and reasonable lead up to the finals the week following.

Richard Money

It's been crazy. My cell phone has been ringing off the hook. I had to turn it off to make sure I'm focused on doing the things I need to do, like game planning and scouting and preparation.

Kerry Rupp

This is a new experience for me. I've had a good preparation this season and I'm just trying to grow in my game. I just have to keep playing the same way I have been this week and give 100 percent.

Igor Andreev

This is their bowl game, a chance to play a I-A game and it's a great opportunity for them. After watching them on tape, they're a headache for your preparation.

Walt Harris

The homework we give is not busy work. It might be preparation for the next day's lesson, practice that day's lesson, or it might be to research beyond the textbook or it might be to study for exams.

Nels Pitotti

She came into the race (last year) on a very light preparation and I wasn't actually able to train her for the race. I had to nurse her into the race and get her here as fit as I could on the day.

Peter Moody

I feel more comfortable with Coach Applewhite because he's been in the same situation, ... I just try to prepare like I'm the starter. It's the same mental preparation.

Joe Fields

There's quite a bit of preparation in gathering pictures from my field observations. I sit down and draw a pattern until I'm happy with it.

Bruce Divaccaro

International partners, such as the FBI, have indicated and offered their services in facilitating the Caribbean's preparation for the World Cup.

Dr Peter Phillips

It's always an emotional thing because it's Winston. But in terms of preparation, things don't change. It's always bittersweet going against family like that, but we need a win, and they need a win, so you have to put all that stuff behind and just play the game.

Arrington Jones

What we've done to this point was in preparation for the region. This is a big game for us...They're not going to take us lightly, and we're not going to take them lightly.

Jason Sharsch

An opportunity to prevent further fighting; to reassure the population; and to ensure the peaceful preparation of the upcoming presidential election.

Jean Arnault

That's just preparation and setup. We knew after the first lap that we were going to be running down everybody.

David Knight

Those road losses led to a really nice win tonight. The preparation and practice were great. We really could have gone one of two ways after those losses. We were ready to play and it's a credit to what the kids have gone through.

Mick Flattery

I am grateful for the help but it was a little too late to speed up my preparation for the Commonwealth Games .

Sheena Gooding

I was really shocked when all these DVDs came with interviews, ... It was a great preparation.

Hugo Weaving

The tax preparation business has become quite competitive in terms of garnering new clients.

Charles Clark

Why not seize the pleasure at once, how often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparations.

Jane Austen

I'm just happy to put this incident behind me and move forward in preparation for the Stone Bridge game and coaching my kids Friday night.

Bruce Sheppard

The preparation is unbelievable. You learn how to watch film from a different prospective.

Renaldo Wynn

All of my preparation has been about running in control and doing a negative split.

Deena Kastor

Some guys look like Tarzan and play like Jane. Jordan is not that way. He understands he has to do everything right all the time. He understands preparation.

Tim Drevno

I obviously haven't done enough of the coaching or preparation you need to do, so we're not going to give up on him as a kid or a player. You can work on a lot of things in practice, but how do you simulate a game? That's where Joe is facing his biggest struggles.

Jeff Tedford

When he was putting equipment up to the aircraft, in preparation of moving baggage, he contacted the aircraft improperly, and just kind of creased it.

Jim Struhsaker

They didn't do much with the site in terms of preparation and how they would lay things out. I was involved in giving them feedback on what it's like to play at Baker Field.

Katie Beach

From a preparation standpoint, the fact that we've been there is going to help us this year.

Matt Fine

It would have been nice to get another opportunity to improve my time on the track and to have another look at the course in preparation for next year.

Francois Bourque

With this increase, we're hoping to be able to get the students through and make sure they have a very high-quality preparation for meeting the needs in the medical field.

Allison Norwood

You have football and basketball season, then tryouts then preparation for (summer) camp.

Linda Hazelton

They stepped up and showed me a lot today, just in preparation for next season.

Ahmad Bradshaw

We've been called by various state agencies there to see if we would be willing to help them in their efforts; mostly, in the recovery and preparation of the deceased.

James Curry

It was a good preparation for us. We'll do our best to qualify for Euro 2008.

Fatih Terim

Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.

Gail Godwin

Do your preparation. Most of the fear comes prior to being at the podium. You have to change your point of view from one of fear to one of focus.

Christen Brown

There is a lot of preparation to be done. Some are just trying to get better for the conference meet. There are five or six key things some others need to do to get ready for nationals, and that may or may not happen.

Bob Kitchens

Absolutely, (the landslide mitigation program) has made a difference. Like with earthquake preparation, the trick is to get the people in neighborhoods to prepare.

Barb Graff

What is occurring is a preparation not for a peaceful protest ... but for an act of provocation against law enforcement bodies to incite the use of force with the aim of causing chaos and confusion and seizing power.

Stepan Sukhorenko

He's a guy who has taken more pride in his preparation, ... He understands his role as a leader on the defense. He's kind of a bell cow out there, and he's going to get everybody on the same page.

Bill Callahan

It's in the preparation -- in those dreary pedestrian virtues they taught you in seventh grade and you didn't believe. It's making the extra call and caring a lot.

Diane Sawyer

It is an unpleasant episode, but the IPO preparation process is not going to stop because of it.

Valery Nesterov

You cannot patch asphalt without preparation. Why do you want to put a new overlay down and fix it? We will not put down asphalt knowing they're going to put a hole in it.

David Troyer

He has got a long way to go in this preparation but he has come back big and strong and fresh.

John O'shea

I wish it was that easy. It's just hard work and preparation. Unless it's Dad's Gatorade.

Mark Schaefer

We're concerned about Wayne State, but our preparation has been focused on playing our game.

John Olver

He is focused; he is totally focused on this preparation and on this debate, ... It is an opportunity for the American people to see that he is a strong, smart, tough leader.

Susan Rice

Yes, we do have trees that we're cutting down on the western end of the project. That is in preparation for the actual project to begin in the spring.

Cindy Brown

This game was a great preparation for the tournament. We got a little taste of the MAC and how physical they play before we play a more important game in the sectional. It was a really good preparation for us and I'm glad we played it.

John Schnieders

We're looking at it like we have to play some team in that final, and for us to focus on our team and our preparation, bringing our best game, no matter who the opponent is.

Jennifer Botterill

We are so glad so many people are interested and would like to perform Chinese culture. I like the diversity and open-mindedness and cultural interaction on campus. I've enjoyed the whole process of preparation. We've made it very interesting and creative. Hopefully people will come and celebrate our culture and make friends with the Chinese.

Guo Yan

We will no doubt monitor more intensively the progress made by our 'golden boys' during the preparation for the Asian Games. We will ensure adequate equipment for training, better coaching and proper tune-ups for them.

Kusnan Ismukanto

He's a handsome colt with a great temperament. We had him about seven months and he really handled himself well with all the preparation leading up to the sale.

Bryan Rice

They say he's a phenomenal shooter and he's good with the basketball, so yeah, obviously, it does affect our preparation.

Jay Stanley

I am fully convinced that he will elevate the program to what you expect. You will love his values, you will be impressed with his preparation for every game and you will love the aggressive defense his team plays. He has made clear our players will do well academically and graduate and that he will comply fully with NCAA regulations.

Adam Herbert

Be ready when opportunity comes...Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

We didn't connect. It wasn't lack of effort. It was lack of preparation and passing the ball. They played hard, they busted their butt to win the ball, but we didn't play together and that's what we've been doing in our workouts. Our effort was there, but our team play wasn't.

Jim Bragg

Outside of class, Knouff has helped me guide my studies at Keene State College in preparation for graduate school. He has been highly influential on spurring my interest for early U.S. History.

Jennifer Carr

We can restore at a sector/track level without any preparation, and restore the specified amount of data, as long as the BIOS can see the hard drive.

Mark Phillippi

Ron is a coach who has had success at all levels during his coaching career and his record speaks for itself. We have always been impressed with his professionalism and the astute level of preparation he brings to the coaching position.

Larry Pleau

Mental preparation is key. I don't think it's a gender thing. It is a lot of pressure for these kids to be out there. If you put yourself in that situation as an adult, it's a lot of pressure. Kids think about 'What if I miss?' That's hard.

Theresa Iuliucci

Our preparation the last few days has been very good. I base all my judgment on preparation. The girls have played very consistently, like they have done all year.

Chuck Drury

Our preparation is perfect. We put [too much] pressure on our shoulders. Our game [is] ten percent physical and 90 percent mental. We have to break that mental barrier.

Meghan Quinn

The mayor's in consultation with public works officials and other city officials in preparation for a forecasted storm.

Seth Gitell

We have goals set higher for ourselves. But I'm not changing anything we're doing. And this (Fairfield Hills) is probably the toughest course we've run this year, which will be good preparation for the states.

Doug Russell

[How have the Irish and their new coach done it? Weis' philosophy of preparation, hard work and nasty play has helped.] He's a champion, ... Champions play like that. Champions practice like that.

Bryan Harris

For a B school like us, that was good competition. That's good preparation for the meets coming up.

Denny Fry

We've had good preparation because of it. It was kind of a wakeup call for a lot of the guys that are back and for the coaches and everybody. I feel like we have something to go out and prove -- that we're better than what we did last year, more than anything.

Greg Appleton

It was very fast. There was no preparation.

Roberto Fusco

We can only go so far in our current location when we have surgery rooms on the second floor and our patient preparation area is on the first floor.

Mike Cohill

You can't control that, ... All you can control is your preparation, the way you go about working. The results you can't control.

Shea Hillenbrand

Tom is quite an accomplished amateur chef. I wouldn't be surprised if he took over food preparation for the whole group and is making them incredible feasts.

Paul Slattery

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

Bobby Unser

I think it's just preparation. We work real hard in practice every day and like I said, it's team baseball. We just concentrate on the team instead of personal goals and that's definitely helped us.

Nick Becker

When you're in the hunt for a championship, or the Bob Akin Award like Mae is, preparation is a key component to success. Part of being a championship-caliber team is being ready for anything that could happen at the racetrack, including an accident.

Cole Scrogham

We are playing bigger 5A and 6A teams. It's all in preparation for when we play in [postseason]. It's all geared to success.

Alvin James

Tom puts as much effort, if not more, in his preparation than anybody on this team. I'm not worried about him.

Dan Koppen

This event is a process with much preparation and it's meant to include as many people as possible when getting ready for it.

Jean Downing

This is the most intense week of preparation. Being here is important.

Kitt Burroughs

Initial numbers indicate that we increased our share of both the overall tax services market and the market for paid preparation.

Mark Ernst

The guys have worked very, very hard. The preparation from Adelaide has been an unbelievable workload.

Mark Skaife

For the preparation for the England side competing against the best it's important we give the players every opportunity to perform at their best. With the system we've got that isn't possible and that's a disappointment for me.

Andy Robinson

We're looking really strong collectively. Our practices here have been solid and preparation for this event has been very encouraging. We are looking to take home yet another title.

Ray Kralis

I didn't do any real extensive preparation. I got the Princeton Review book and looked over some of the strategies.

Sam Nolen

I look at it as a preparation for the 500. Time for him to get some experience, time for us to make friends and can make good decisions.

Alan Gustafson

The American people have a right to know what happened in preparation for and immediately following the storm.

Hal Rogers

If more can be encouraged to participate in marriage preparation, divorces will be reduced.

Alan Hawkins

We ran into a buzz saw. We had a great week of preparation and felt good about ourselves. It was just a point in time in the season, probably, that things weren't going to click for us as well as in the past. We saw some things that were uncharacteristic of how we've been playing all season.

Karl Dorrell

That's our basic requirement-[no falling hair] to make sure that hygiene is observed during food preparation.

Albert Alavera

This couldn't have been better preparation for that match, ... He (Lopez) has one of if not the best lefty serves out there. If he doesn't, Rusedski probably does. I am looking at the two best lefty serves back to back and getting a win against one could correlate to getting a win (against) another.

James Blake

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

I have always been interested in food preparation. When I was a child, I would watch my mother cooking and learned to cook myself.

Jiang Baoguo

My husband does tax preparation this time of year, and we thought it would be a good diversion.

Carolyn Rogers

That would have been a big plus for the president. You get the blame when you're the top dog. And in this case, I think there is no doubt that we had inadequate preparation and we've had inadequate response.

Norman Ornstein

The guys who have been able to do the preparation have come up really well.

Leigh Matthews

They came out full-on with plenty of intensity. It was good preparation because I believe they'll be our (semi-final) opponents. There's a very good chance we'll play them again in a couple of weeks.

Al Westover

There's a little luck involved, but preparation is what gets you to the top, ... We've learned that winning (state) is attainable for our program.

Frank Russo

Not about academic preparation; it's about money.

Sandy Baum

In a matter of hours we will appeal the decision. The CAS is not the way to go. It can't overrule the decision of a German court. We will make the best efforts to ensure that the preparation of the athletes doesn't suffer.

Klaus Steinbach

It goes back to preparation. I still never feel like I've been as prepared as I could or should be. That's why I'm emphasizing that in my training.

Sasha Cohen

The tournament is just a preparation period for the league season. The league is the most important thing.

Mark Soderberg

A winning effort begins with preparation.

Joe Gibbs

We need to improve on our transition defense in preparation for Globe and Coolidge. They are both really quick teams.

Tad Jacobson

It was very intense, and it did a lot for our preparation, but clearly, it's not enough if we want to really impress on the world stage.

John Cumberbatch

Preparation-wise, it's not going to change anything. I won't know until we get to Friday, basically. If Ben practices, I'm sure that'll probably be an indication that he'll play. If he doesn't, I really don't know what to expect.

Charlie Batch

It points directly to the need for personal preparation.

Bruce Burtch

Bristol have a big set of forwards, and I thought they deserved their win against Bath, so we will pay them every respect in our preparation.

Rep. Rob Andrews

Our team excels in the playoffs. A lot of it has to do with preparation; the coaches put in countless hours in on video. And then it comes down to detail and discipline.

Shaun Heshka

We had to put three months (of preparation) into one, ... We were going night and day, burning the candle on both ends of the stick.

Mark Snyder

It's no longer a matter of freedom of thought or opinion or belief. It's a plot hatched against Islam and Muslims, the preparation of which began many years ago.

Samir Ragab

Desolation is a file, and the endurance of darkness is preparation for great light.

St. John Of The Cross

The tenth National Games is important to the preparation of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and it will affect the initiative of all the athletes, ... The offences have led to nasty effects.

Liu Peng

It's too bad to see a teammate go down and a good friend like that. It's unfortunate, but I'm just going to do the things I've been doing, that's working hard and working on preparation.

Alex Auld

You better live your best and act your best and think your best today, for today is the sure preparation for tomorrow and all the other tomorrows that follow.

Harriet Martineau

Being thrust into the role of caregiver without any preparation is difficult under any circumstances.

Carol Levine

We had always known we had to be ready to look after ourselves after a hurricane because the authorities would be looking after the people and all that preparation paid off.

Dan Maloney

That's something we deal within the team. After the jumping, we used this as preparation for the next competition. It was really over after the jumping. It's a big disappointment.

Johnny Spillane

NECTAR, n. A drink served at banquets of the Olympian deities. The secret of its preparation is lost, but the modern Kentuckians believe that they come pretty near to a knowledge of its chief ingredient. Juno drank a cup of nectar, But the draught did not affect her. Juno drank a cup of rye -- Then she bad herself good-bye. J.G.

Ambrose Bierce

This (past) weekend definitely served as preparation, but we never know until we get out there what kind of adjustments we will have to make.

Stan Hyman

The players preparation and mindset was much better heading into tonight's game.

Wes Parent

I sat down with him and the staff and told him how impressed I've been with his maturity and focus and preparation.

Tony Tijerina

WINK called me up with the potential to do some freelance work and I was excited about it. I was nervous, but once I got up in front of the camera, I was very comfortable. The difficult part is in the preparation of the product, learning all the machines and the way (WINK) works things.

Jim Clarke

I am a mere talent of ABS-CBN and I am not involved in the various logistics and preparation for the show.

Willie Revillame

I think we had an eye-opener against Latrobe. I think the players feel that they lost to an inferior team, and they learned a big lesson about preparation. Midway through the third quarter, they figured out that they had to go hard.

Tommy Dolde

This game wasn't as much preparation for Rockwall. The game before against (Mesquite) Horn was better. We need to play better and harder against Rockwall, but I think we can beat them.

Melissa Wittmayer

There's nothing you can really put a finger on, except preparation. For whatever reason, maybe we feel too good about ourselves. We shouldn't. I think we get out of our element a little bit. Then we try to do too much.

Dallas Drake

I don't know why that is, but everyone says that. But for me, every game is different. In terms of preparation, both teams know each other.

Mark Schmidt

This does not appear to be a spur-of-the-moment crime of opportunity but a well-thought-out, premeditated act with months of planning and preparation.

Tim Kuykendall

My preparation is always mediation and deep breathing. And the rubbing of my hands together just gets my energy going.

John Edward

We can go online and see the wind direction and see when ash is going to fall. Before, it just happened, now there's more preparation.

Vince Evans

We are trying to get accustomed to the rapid arrival of the heat. Playoff preparation is continuing.

Malcolm Colbert

We will have five matches with some very tough teams. It will be a good test, and good preparation for what lies ahead.

Kellon Balum

Currently, our efforts are geared toward helping ... with tax preparation, electronic filing and getting them a maximum refund.

Ken Armstrong

You always have these glitches no matter how much preparation you do and how much you try to anticipate problems; you never can anticipate them all. So this is just inevitable and you have to just work through the problem and eventually we'll get everything solved.

William Farmer

Everything that we do throughout the whole season - the number of matches we wrestle and the competition we wrestle - is in preparation for this.

Tony Vanhorn

If you do a little homework on the front end, it can pay some dividends at tax-preparation time, and it can put some money in your pocket.

Mark Steber

I'm happy about the way I played this week. It is an excellent preparation for the upcoming tournaments held on clay and also for next week's Fed Cup tie.

Stephanie Dubois

I'm not too happy about it. You work all week long in preparation for Friday night. You put together a game plan. You know, that's the fun in coaching is seeing that game plan come to life. That's why I coach.

Kevin Miller

We certainly didn't want Sarah racing if her preparation has been compromised.

Michael Flynn

When they give $1 million to North Dakota for terrorism preparation, that's a million dollars wasted.

Mark Hamm

I think a lot of it was just the preparation, we started a lot of earlier.

Mary Perkins

Today's game against Buffalo is going to be a much truer test. This is going to tell us better where we're at. This is definitely going to be a test of our preparation and how we did things during the offseason.

Ryan Nece

We are going to use that race as an opportunity for final preparation before championship races.

Dave O'neill

With trial lawyers, rapport with the jury is very important. An out-of-state lawyer may find it more difficult to connect with a jury, but it's all about preparation.

Howard Erichson

The recent flurry of diplomacy is good preparation for these talks and helps in understanding.

Wang Yi

Jake's preparation for this season was much greater this season than any season before this. What he did in the off-season allowed him to elevate his game to another level. He just has a great motor. He played every down hard.

Larry Fetkenhier

We really have to start planning in January. It is a lot of preparation, but once it's all out here, everybody knows what they're supposed to do. And without those inmates, it would be very difficult to put this all up. They help us out tremendously.

Jay Hall

Two years of preparation, it just vanishes and there's nobody to blame. It's not like he can point a finger, it's nobody's fault. It's just very, very unfortunate.

Marcel Lacroix

Diligent practice and preparation in the next two months, along with their classes with Mr. Leck, will transform our children into artistic musicians. It's my desire as their teacher that they be inspired to continue to develop their musical talents and develop a lifelong appreciation of great music.

Nancy Long

Where we lack (Olympic) experience, we'll make up for it in support. I've talked to Brian Orser, Elvis Stojko and Kurt Browning for my preparation.

Jeffrey Buttle

It's going to be a big test but the boys will be resting up in preparation for it.

Peter Taylor

We felt it was best suited to have our preparation based on that worst case, which in recent history was 1918.

Bruce Gellin

I thought it was a good match. We played well and it is good preparation for our conference matches coming up. It is always nice to win the last one for the seniors.

Dave Borelli

We hope to get in a lot of high-level preparation before we go into our [section schedule]. We value our practices and not just the [non-section] games.

Vince Sortino

I think we've had excellent preparation. I think the guys are really into it. I think this is a very important game for our program and our future.

Terry Malone

As a senior player group and as a management group we've got to make sure that, one, we've learnt lessons from that and we can move forward and, two, make sure the less experienced players and junior players are aware of what's required in preparation when we're away from home.

Chris Latham

He's had a closer mentality in his preparation even when he was a middle setup guy.

Bob Apodaca

I think preparation is probably the greatest anxiety release. If they're really prepared they're going to respond more favorably to the exams.

Rick Bethel

Everything up until this point has been preparation. We will fine-tune our skills, get emotionally and physically ready for the championships.

Roy Coates

But to me the bottom line is the more education you can give yourself, and the more preparation you can do, the less chance of failing.

Stuart Pearce

We need to rethink a lot of our planning. We have done a lot of preparation, but this woke us up to the fact that we need to do a lot more. Katrina in particular, but even Rita to a lesser extent, was a wake-up call for all emergency planners.

Ross Grayson

We do this in preparation of our auction that will be in November.

Dick Miller

When you coach as long as I did, you can't help but miss those Saturdays - dealing with the players, the game preparation, the challenges, the excitement.

Tom Osborne