It has the potential to revolutionize health care. It's going to change the way we do things. Information will go from care setting to care setting and from doctor to doctor.

Getting more diverse patients means making yourself more attractive to commercial insurance payers. Price is part of it and quality of services is another part. But to consumers, it may mean a beautiful new building where they will be treated well and will be closer to their home. They may be happy to spend 4 percent more.

We hope that in the end we will discover that there are creative and effective ways to make the residency program financially viable for our organization.

We can only go so far in our current location when we have surgery rooms on the second floor and our patient preparation area is on the first floor.

If you are in health care today and you aren't changing, you are not keeping up with the clinical and business environment. The environment is changing.

The strength of Warrack has always been its outpatient care. We want to play to our strengths.

Hospitals will be fighting and clawing for the next several years just to stay even. There's a lot of pressure on hospital expenses - nursing salaries, the need to invest in technology, things we weren't even doing before.

There is no timetable for completion of our assessment.