I want everyone to be hungry; I don't want anyone to take it for granted that they're going to be in the lineup. I think the competition is great and it is going to help push each guy.

I made the deliberate decision to go recruit big-power offense for this team, we loaded up on those type of players.

I don't really like the two-game series because in a three-game series I'm going to get more answers. Only playing two games, I'll get some answers this weekend but I won't get a lot because we really wanted all 12 pitchers to throw.

These are all guys that with one swing of the bat can put us in the lead or get us back in the ballgame.

I think we have enough talent to win 40 baseball games, but we can't do it with nine guys. We'll probably continue to play 13 to 14 guys as starters.

This (past) weekend definitely served as preparation, but we never know until we get out there what kind of adjustments we will have to make.

We don't know exactly what we'll get yet, we just anticipate we'll be OK.

We're going to have to play very good interior defense against bunt coverage. They showed this (past) weekend that they are beatable. I feel we just have to go out and play good enough defense.

We've finished second in the conference two years in a row, but to get over the hurdle you've got to be able to put runs on the board. We've played a lot of low-scoring ballgames and we didn't score early in a ballgame ... so we kept coming back late.