"David Knight" is the name of:

*David Knight (CND), chair for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament 1996–2001

*David Knight (American football) (born 1951), former American football player

*David Knight (English footballer) (born 1987), English footballer

*David Knight (motorcyclist) (born 1978), enduro rider from the Isle of Man

*David Knight (musician) (born 1978), US singer and music composer

*David M. Knight (born 1936), English professor of history of science and philosophy

*Dave Simpson (soccer) (born 1983), David Simpson Knight, Canadian soccer player

*Tuffy Knight (born 1936), David "Tuffy" Knight, Canadian football coach

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Everything seems to be going along the right path now.

Sales at the 2006 Miami show exceeded our company's all-time performance by 40 percent. We attribute these results to the hard work and training of our international and domestic sales teams, and we expect the orders taken at the Miami show to help our company achieve its third and fourth quarter sales and profit objectives.

We can't live with one-way traffic during the day and I don't think the general public can either. It would have cost us millions.

He's just sick about it. He feels that he let his family down, and the voters of Bristol Township down. And he's certainly not happy about not being able to vote for four years. But he's in good spirits and he's working to get his life back on track.

That's just preparation and setup. We knew after the first lap that we were going to be running down everybody.

There's 10,000 cubic yards of dirt that could come down. Every time it rains, more comes down.

One apparently even had a shed built on the property with a driveway to it.

We continue to place an emphasis on improving student performance on standardized test scores and build a community support network for our at-risk students. The ultimate goal is for each one to succeed and flourish.