Sasha Cohen
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"Alexandra Pauline "Sasha" Cohen" is a U.S. figure skating/figure skater. She is the Figure skating at the 2006 Winter Olympics/2006 Olympic silver medalist, a three-time World Figure Skating Championships/World Championship medalist, the 2003 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final/Grand Prix Final Champion, and the 2006 United States Figure Skating Championships/U.S. Champion.

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My mom and her parents had to leave because her brother had left a couple of years before and the government was really upset. They took away both my grandparents' jobs, so they couldn't make a living. They had to sell all their things. They weren't allowed to take more than $500 out of the country.

The best way I can prepare is to build up and be my best. What I've realized over the last two years is the only thing holding me back from being my best is me.

I think it's always tough coming back from an injury, physically and mentally. But Michelle has proven herself in different situations and she's a tough competitor.

Of course, I say all the time my personal best is what I am in this for. No matter if I won, it's if I did all I can do.

It can be frustrating, ... But I am where I am, and everyone has their own trajectory. I know my time will come. I just have to be ready for it.

It goes back to preparation. I still never feel like I've been as prepared as I could or should be. That's why I'm emphasizing that in my training.

I asked him to say hi to my mom to prove he was there, and he was really great and nice and talked to her for a couple of minutes. My mom said she nearly fell off her chair, she was so excited.

I've been training very hard and very well, ... I've been nailing 99 percent of what I do in practice. That gave me the confidence to do this. I expected to skate well.

I've stopped trying to be perfect. When I train, I'm not afraid to make a mistake. I train harder and make more mistakes, but I feel more prepared. I'm not holding back and becoming a better athlete.