"John Edward McGee, Jr.", known professionally as "John Edward", is an American television personality and professional Mediumship/psychic medium. He is best known for his TV shows Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country.

Born in Glen Cove, New York, Edward says he was convinced at a young age that he could become a psychic. After writing his first book on the subject in 1998, Edward became a well-known and controversial figure in the United States through his shows broadcast on the Syfy/Sci-Fi Channel beginning in July 2000 and WE: Women's Entertainment/We TV since May 2006.

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I will see impressions, I will hear things, but I hear it in like, my own mind's voice, like a thought, and I get feelings, and I interpret what I'm seeing, what I'm hearing, what I'm feeling in my frame of reference.

You miss all the noise, ... You can talk on the phone, but it's nothing like seeing them in person.

Information comes through to me in 3 basic ways seen, hearing, and feeling the energy of the person that's crossed over. In which it is a symbolic type of language.

I believe that before anybody makes the journey to the other side, we have to know on a soul level that we are leaving, whether it's an accident or illness, and we prepare ourselves to a certain degree that we won't be there in the future.

My preparation is always mediation and deep breathing. And the rubbing of my hands together just gets my energy going.

Keep a journal, and learn how to see how you as an individuals sees information so you can learn your own sign language. Meditate and practice psychic self defense and surrounding yourself with prayer.

If you're not actually living on an army base, you don't have a support group, but at least we're able to fill in with people we talk with.

They've grown up quite a bit, ... When you live at home, you let mom and dad do everything. They've become more mature and responsible. They take care of their own things instead of relying on us to do it.

I don't need to be physically near them. Much of my work I've done over years has been on the radio connected by phone.