It's nice to score four; the top players do finish and need less chances, ... We were pleased Jon Stead scored because he's a really hard-working forward who has had a lack of confidence in front of goal.

It was a great game at Hull, we had a tremendous night but conceded a late goal when we should have beaten them.

I do not know about any move to Liverpool.

An absolute hammer blow.

It still means we're in a play-off situation but our target now is to win the group.

It's going to be a big test but the boys will be resting up in preparation for it.

Nick normally puts those away.

That was an absolute nightmare day for us, ... We lost four players that day through injury, but the result killed us too. There wasn't the same desire to go and win a football match because the players didn't need to. We were already safe, having got to the 40-point barrier quicker than Leicester had ever done before.