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Afghan ProverbAfrican American ProverbAfrican ProverbAlbanian Proverb
Ancient ProverbArab ProverbArabian ProverbArapaho Proverb
Argentine ProverbAshanti ProverbBedouin ProverbBelgian Proverb
Belizean ProverbBolivian ProverbBrazilian ProverbBuddhist Proverb
Bulgarian ProverbBurmese ProverbCeltic ProverbCheyenne Proverb
Chinese ProverbChinese ProverbsCowboy ProverbCuban Proverb
Czech ProverbDanish ProverbDutch ProverbEgyptian Proverb
English ProverbEskimo ProverbEstonian ProverbEthiopian Proverb
Finnish ProverbFlemish ProverbFrench ProverbGaelic Proverb
German ProverbGreek ProverbGuatemalan ProverbHaitian Proverb
Hasidic ProverbHausa ProverbHebrew ProverbHindi Proverb
Hindu ProverbHonduran ProverbHungarian ProverbIcelandic Proverb
Indian ProverbIndonesian ProverbIranian ProverbIrish Proverb
Italian ProverbJamaican ProverbJapanese ProverbJewish Proverb
Kashmiri ProverbKenyan ProverbKorean ProverbKurdish Proverb
Laotian ProverbLatin ProverbLatvian ProverbLebanese Proverb
Lithuanian ProverbMaasai ProverbMalagasy ProverbMalayan Proverb
Malaysian ProverbMaori ProverbMennonite ProverbMexican Proverb
Moorish ProverbMoroccan ProverbNative American ProverbNepal Proverb
Nicaraguan ProverbNigerian ProverbNorwegian ProverbOld Chinese Proverb
Omaha ProverbOriental ProverbPersian ProverbPeruvian Proverb
Polish ProverbPortuguese ProverbPuerto Rican ProverbRoman Proverb
Romanian ProverbRussian proverbScandanavian ProverbScandinavian Proverb
Scottish ProverbSerbian ProverbSinghalese ProverbSlovenian Proverb
Spanish ProverbSwedish ProverbTanzania ProverbThai Proverb
Tibetan ProverbTurkish proverbVenezuelan ProverbVietnamese Proverb
Welsh ProverbYiddish proverbYugoslav ProverbYugoslavian Proverb
Zen ProverbZulu Proverb