Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.


Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn't happen.

Alyce P. Cornyn selby

It is the greatest shot of adrenaline to be doing what you have wanted to do so badly. You almost feel like you could fly without the plane.

Charles Lindbergh

Our blunders mostly come from letting our wishes interpret our duties.

Alexander Maclaren

I wish that every player could feel what I've felt in visiting ballparks. The receptions I've received, it's blown me away. It's absolutely remarkable.

Mark Mcgwire

Courtesy: Wishes not to be loved, but to be lovely; Not to be benefitted, but to be a benevolence.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We wish nothing more, but we will accept nothing less. Masters in our own house we must be, but our house is the whole of Canada.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Religion consists in a set of things which the average man thinks he believes and wishes he was certain of.

Mark Twain

I do not wish to give up the power of personal arms and be defenseless against those who will ever and always keep and bear arms those in crime and those in government.

Robert W. Burke

It's so hard to know what to do when one wishes earnestly to do right.

George Bernard Shaw

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live. It is asking other people to live as one wishes to live.

Oscar Wilde

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.

Oscar Wilde

What then is freedom ? The power to live as one wishes.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

One must change one's tactics every ten years if one wishes to maintain one's superiority.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.

John F. Kennedy

A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections, -- a mere heart of stone.

Charles Darwin

We would often be sorry if our wishes were gratified.


America lives in the heart of every man everywhere who wishes to find a region where he will be free to work out his destiny as he chooses.

Woodrow Wilson

Gold is a treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world, and succeeds in helping souls into paradise.

Christopher Columbus

He who has gold makes and accomplishes whatever he wishes in the world and finally uses it to send souls to paradise.

Christopher Columbus

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

John Adams

If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.

C. S. Lewis

I respect the man who knows distinctly what he wishes. The greater part of all mischief in the world arises from the fact that men do not sufficiently understand their own aims. They have undertaken to build a tower, and spend no more labor on the foundation than would be necessary to erect a hut.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

He who wishes to exert a useful influence must be careful to insult nothing. Let him not be troubled by what seems absurd, but concentrate his energies to the creation of what is good. He must not demolish, but build. He must raise temples where mankind may come and partake of the purest pleasure.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Religion is an illusion, and it derives its strength from its readiness to fit in with our instinctual wishful impulses.

Sigmund Freud

He was expressing the wishes of the U.S. elite, ... If anything happens to me, then the man responsible will be George W. Bush. He will be the assassin.

Hugo Ch

What makes the difference between wishing and realizing our wishes? Lots of things, and it may take months or years for wish to come true, but it's far more likely to happen when you care so much about a wish that you'll do all you can to make it happen.

Fred Rogers

Economics is a subject that does not greatly respect one's wishes.

Nikita Khrushchev

He gets a little crazy but he's just an intense coach. He's played the game for so many years. It's as if he wishes he was still out there with us.

Patrick Carriere

Exercise is done against one's wishes and maintained only because the alternative is worse.

George Sheehan

We've been delighted to have Kasper here and he has enjoyed the experience. He leaves with our best wishes.

Mark Proctor

Understand that all battles are waged on an unconscious level before they are begun on the conscious one, and this battle is no different. The power structure wishes us to believe that the only options available are those which they present to us, we know this is simply not true, and therefore we must redefine the terrain of this conflict, and clearly, it is a conflict of worldviews and agendas.

Teresa Stover

He wants to thank everybody who has sent him good wishes. He's grateful for the support and understands the criticism.

Phil Hughes

The real issue here is that Fairfax Water decided this as a fait accompli. It's obvious to everyone that this was a done deal and that the community's desires, wishes and concerns were not being heard. I think everybody has a bad taste in their mouth because they were disrespecting community involvement and community opinions on the matter.

Jack Bowles

This is patently absurd; but whoever wishes to become a philosopher must learn not to be frightened by absurdities.

Bertrand Russell

I am proud to announce we will be fishing this year for the Make a Wish Foundation. The tournament is set for Saturday, May 13 at Braidwood Lake. We have set a goal of granting two wishes (approximately $5,000 each).

Neal Miller

We need to keep the needs and wishes of the students and their parents in mind.

Junichi Asaumi

There is a great deal of wishful thinking in such cases; it is the easiest thing of all to deceive one's self.


My door is always open to any member who wishes to build consensus on reducing unnecessary spending. My preference is to consider any proposal in a thoughtful, deliberate manner rather than reading about it in the newspaper.

Jerry Lewis

Our thoughts and prayers are with Brad, and we send our best wishes to him for a speedy and complete recovery.

Aaron Lewis

When (the television show) 'Three Wishes' came to town, Heather's family said their wish was to have a handicap-accessible van. Sadly, that didn't happen.

Kelsey Bauerly

We try to accommodate people's wishes if possible, but it depends on the overall effect on the project and how much money we can afford to spend on properties.

Joe Condit

This is not a problem that we can turn away from, ... We must be prepared to face it. We must not let the sensible reluctance to fight drive us into wishful thinking.

Richard Armitage

When we were talking to him, it almost seemed like he could hear us. His vital signs would improve and his eye lids appeared to flutter when we spoke to him. We don't know if it was wishful thinking or just the body's natural reaction, but I like to think that he was actually responding to us.

Kristen Lundgren

I don't feel like a dream girl, but I think it's really nice. I guess a part of me wishes I got that sort of attention in my real life. Because in my real life, I'm this weird, dorky girl who just hangs out with her dog.

Alicia Silverstone

I don't expect it to happen till the latter part of the year. I think there is a lot of wishful thinking out there that it will be the first part of the year.

Gregg Warren

Violence has settled more issues in history than any other factor; and contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.

Robert A. Heinlein

Great minds have purposes; little minds have wishes. Little minds are subdued by misfortunes; great minds rise above them.

Washington Irving

I thought it was brave of Walter to allow the protagonist of the film to do things that she wishes she hadn't done. It happens. You make mistakes as a parent. Then you wish you hadn't said that, or you wish you hadn't told them how to dress. You cringe.

Jennifer Connelly

We think that it is about time to end the French exception that goes against European wishes and lift the TIPP (special petrol tax) on those oils as well as make them legal.

Alain Juste

It's completely different when we're not competing on our home track and we're just going to make the most of this opportunity. We were fortunate to have some pretty decent training times. I think everybody wishes they could have had a little bit more time.

Jean Prahm

Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true.


We are 20 months down the line from the ANC's largest electoral victory ever. It's unlikely that things would have changed dramatically in that period. It was potentially a bit of wishful thinking on the part of some parties and analysts.

Jonathan Faull

Homeowners must make their wishes known at City Hall or they will face the same crime problems business owners are now facing.

Chris Russell

William's been working here at the Food Center with us for a good many of years, and I know he's been in a lot of pain with his knees and yet he still, he's usually one of the last ones people see as they leave with their food and he's always got a smile on his face, he always wishes them a happy day, it's just his whole personality, he's that way in other places too.

Gail Clarkson

Do you really know the commissioners wishes unless we vote on something?

Larry Ammons

The administration relies on Senate to convey the students' wishes.

Robert Thomas

He who praises you for what you lack wishes to take from you what you have.

Don Juan Manuel

If wishes were fishes, then we would all cast nets.

Frank Herbert

I think that public service is tough on a family -- no ifs, ands, buts about it. And I have my own personal wishes, but they're not always front and center.

Maria Shriver

A wise unselfishness is not a surrender of yourself to the wishes of anyone, but only to the best discoverable course of action.

David Seabury

That might be wishful thinking. It's an ambitious place to go, but we put it there.

Bill Nader

In a way, my husband and I just kind of felt like we were really carrying out his wishes. We weren't making the absolute, ultimate decision. He's already made that.

Belinda Kelly

The City Commission has blatantly ignored the wishes of over 1,100 voters by attempting to prevent them from voting on a very controversial comprehensive plan.

Bill Pyle

I'm sure Officer Naismith wishes it hadn't happened. A lot of other people wish it hadn't happened. But Jonathan King made a choice that day that ended up costing him his life.

Don Jeter

Doesn't fulfil everyone's wishes and dreams, but it's a great step forward.

Klaus Wowereit

Dreams are wishes your heart makes.

African American Proverb

This I believe: That the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual.

John Steinbeck

I wished him the best wishes for whatever happens. He's a really good basketball coach and he certainly has presented himself as a classy coach and a nice man. When you factor in it impacts his family, the assistants he's worked with, it's tough. But Gary is certainly going to land on his feet. He's too good of a coach not to.

Phil Martelli

If a band posts restrictions as to what materials can be put on the archive, there is a self-appointed sense of making sure the that the band's wishes are observed.

Brewster Kahle

We decided to put it in the letter and let the commission do what it wishes. There were people who said it doesn't cost anything to ask.

Gus Cooper

While the government might take measures the public wishes it to take ... there will be some who will not be sacrificed and that will be a source of anger.

Ludeki Chweya

That might have been wishful thinking or overly optimistic. But at the end of the day, he wasn't ready to go.

Terry Bradway

All the players and staff want to give him their best wishes. He's in our thoughts tonight.

Roy Coyle

The NLDC's actions are breathtaking in their arrogance and defiance of the wishes of Governor Rell and Connecticut's legislature, ... The NLDC is an unelected, unaccountable body that has been given the government's eminent domain power and is out of control.

Scott Bullock

Those who cannot tell what they desire or expect, still sigh and struggle with indefinite thoughts and vast wishes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

HUMORIST, n. A plague that would have softened down the hoar austerity of Pharaoh's heart and persuaded him to dismiss Israel with his best wishes, cat-quick. Lo! the poor humorist, whose tortured mind See jokes in crowds, though still to gloom inclined -- Whose simple appetite, untaught to stray, His brains, renewed by night, consumes by day. He thinks, admitted to a.

Ambrose Bierce

These events are significant for us as they show the world and especially to China that Tibetans all over listen to the Dalai Lama and are willing to make sacrifices if he wishes so.

Lobsang Choephal

No matter how happily a woman may be married, it always pleases her to discover that there is a really nice man who wishes she were not.

Mary Catherine Bateson

Dick understood economic trends, and he understood what the paper needed to do to stay on top. He also made sure you understood what needed to be done. But it wasn't hard to comply with Dick's wishes. He led by example.

Jack Sweeney

The problem with most people is that they think with their hopes or fears or wishes rather than their minds.

Walter Duranty

Although one may fail to find happiness in theatrical life, one never wishes to give it up after having once tasted its fruits.

Anna Pavlova

The adult patients are able to express their fears, their emotions, their concerns, their wishes and their dreams in another manner.

Judith Paice

Paul Willett's our coach. There's no truth to the rumors (of him being replaced) at all. It just might be wishful thinking on some people's part.

Charlie Barrett

I spoke to him and he's appreciative of the five great years he's had in Miami. He's proud that he's helped build something, although it's unfortunate that he won't be able to see it to fruition. But he wishes the organization nothing but the best.

Leon Rose

It's the governor's wishes that we don't send any to slaughter.

Tom Linfield

He has the best wishes of the entire nation. Let's hope he recovers very soon.

Somnath Chatterjee

I want to thank Sean for his contributions to our program the past two seasons. Everyone associated with our program wishes him the best of luck in the future.

Dale Layer

If any customer wishes to verify the grade of their diamond.

David Sternblitz

If someone is addicted to chocolate, this may be a better choice than other chocolate bars. But to think that you are going to lower blood cholesterol levels, or chance of heart disease, by eating two of these a day - that is just wishful thinking.

Mark Kantor

One wishes that he would say the problem is not simply a budgetary one. The problem is a structural one. The Republicans can properly fault the Clinton administration for giving so little attention to the restructuring of the post-Cold War force.

Andrew Bacevich

It's going to be tough for him to do it, but everyone is pulling for him. Everyone hopes he pulls it off. Everyone wishes the best for him. I was close to Chris. I've been with him for four years. We love the kid. He's a brother to us. We don't want to wish anything negative on him.

Isaiah Fox

The government bowed to U.S. pressure and put President Bush's wishes ahead of the safety of Japanese consumers. I consider that a huge error of judgment.

Yukio Hatoyama

If Sanford fails to call for property tax reform in the State of the State address Wednesday, the property taxpayers of South Carolina will understand that he is intentionally snubbing the wishes of the people.

Oscar Lovelace

She doesn't want kids to go through what she has gone through. People hear the horror stories, but don't get to see this part of the drug abuse. They don't get to see them sick like this. It doesn't surprise me that this is what she wanted to do. It was one of her last wishes, and I'm very proud of it.

Courtney Powles

Where there is life there is wishful thinking.

Gerald F. Lieberman

Part of me wishes some of the more obsessive fans would spend a fraction of the time (they spend studying the band) on politics.

Dave Matthews

The new space will be beautiful and it is the first space we'll be able to plan (ourselves). Our wishes can come true in the Ben Franklin space.

Lana Stanley

To be able to compose for such a talent and then have my musical intentions carried out with absolute fidelity to my wishes and vision is, well, it doesn't get any better than that.

Les Marsden

On behalf of members of the Yugoslav Army I would like to express my sincere congratulations and best wishes for your birthday.

Nebojsa Pavkovic

It's a rough-and-tumble, swaggering electorate who like to see the guilty punished to the max, ... I don't know that a plea deal is in the cards. It depends on the political wishes of the prosecutor.

Andrew Napolitano

People will not be satisfied if their wishes are not met. They will not consent to prolonged obstruction of cross-Strait links.

Chen Yunlin

We had an opportunity to talk and now the latter half of the letter is something he wishes he would have re-thought. Things like that can have a ripple effect that could be unexpected.

Morgan Burke

The key to the behavior of subjects lies not in pent-up anger or aggression, but in the nature of their relationship to authority. They have given themselves to the authority; they see themselves as instruments for the execution of his wishes; once so defined, they are unable to break free.

Stanley Milgram

We take the concept of corporate responsibility seriously and think it deserves more than lip service. For Audubon Condominium at Feather Sound we chose to align with the Make-A-Wish-Foundation because they do such a remarkable job in making wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Adam Schlesinger

I want to take this opportunity to thank Canucks fans and the city of Vancouver for all of your kind wishes, ... Your support, coupled with that of my teammates, Canucks ownership, management and staff and my agent Pat Morris have been a great help in these very difficult times.

Todd Bertuzzi

The children of Survivors will proudly reaffirm our commitment to sustaining our parents' and grandparents' legacy. As their ranks dwindle with age, we must step up and continue educating the world that the Holocaust didn't just simply happen but was fueled by state-sanctioned anti-Semitism. We will not remain silent in the face of Iranian and Palestinian wishes to make Israel disappear.

Larry Schwartz

It is equally wrong to speed a guest who does not want to go, and to keep one back who is eager. You ought to make welcome the present guest, and send forth the one who wishes to go.


But everyone, deep down, wishes him all the best.

Tim Horan

A recommendation from the Planning Board and possibly public hearings would be necessary if the town wishes to dispose of these properties.

Michael Phillips

EXECUTIVE, n. An officer of the Government, whose duty it is to enforce the wishes of the legislative power until such time as the judicial department shall be pleased to pronounce them invalid and of no effect. Following is an extract from an old book entitled, _The Lunarian Astonished_ -- Pfeiffer & Co., Boston, 1803: LUNARIAN: Then when your Congress has passed a law it goes directl.

Ambrose Bierce

Everyone at Roberson wishes Cam the best. Everyone hopes things work out for him. By taking this step, he can still be a Tiger. We'll see what happens.

Tom Smith

The easiest thing of all is to deceive one's self; for what a man wishes he generally believes to be true.


It worked out according to our wishes too.

Helen Haugh

Our hopes and best wishes are with SpaceX. We appreciate what they are trying to accomplish, both from a technological as well as a financial perspective.

Mike Gold

His medical condition, due to his injuries, has resulted in our decision to honor his wishes and medical directives and discontinue treatment.

Chuck Heckert

It is not good for all our wishes to be filled; through sickness we recognize the value of health; through evil, the value of good; through hunger, the value of food; through exertion, the value of rest.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Our show is all about finding the most deserving people and making good things happen for them. I think ('Three Wishes') is going to be a quality show that really makes a difference in people's lives.

Andrew Glassman

Our country is blessed with a democratic political system that is sensitive to the wishes of our people.

Denzil Douglas

I wish I could explain it. Everybody wishes they knew the secret.

Josh Bell

The governor is sorry to see the Miss America pageant move on. While it was a great event for New Jersey, the organization asked to be released from their contract, and we respect their wishes.

Sean Darcy

The fact is, he was decapitated and stored in the middle of Arizona - it's an atrocious thing. This was against his wishes. His son had this done.

Daniel Edwards

He can't sort of make a whole lot of comments that he wishes he hadn't, then turn up to the house and not be held up to account.

Rodney Hide

That is ever the way. 'Tis all jealousy to the bride and good wishes to the corpse.

James M. Barrie

If great intellectual powerhouse is a qualification to be a member of the court and represent the American people and the wishes of the American people and to interpret the Constitution, then I think we have a court so skewed on the intellectual side that we may not be getting representation of America as a whole.

Dan Coats

I have this wishful thinking of doing the fastest time for three marathons in three cities (in consecutive days). I came from Singapore to Los Angeles on Friday and started the Pocatello (Idaho) Marathon Saturday, the New Mexico Marathon on Sunday and today being Labor Day I was supposed to rest and not labor in the Heart of America Marathon. Now I can have a good rest and no more labor for me.

William Tan

However many blessings we expect from God, His infinite liberality will always exceed all our wishes and our thoughts.

John Calvin

We can always do better and we will by making sure government respects the wishes of those who fund it ? the hardworking taxpayers.

Jim Gibbons

The bottom line is that the scientific evidence from 2005 and early 2006 is powerful and conclusive. If society wishes to avoid catastrophic disruption of our lives, the time for action is now. Individual citizens are powerful agents of change, but communities, businesses, the state and the federal government will need to do their part.

Jane Lubchenco

KATHY GRIFFIN: MY LIFE ON THE D-LIST ... To Kathy Griffin. Warmest wishes, Renee Zellweger.

Kathy Griffin

Pretexts are not wanting when one wishes to use them.

Carlo Goldoni

The $100 barrel price is very much wishful thinking on Venezuela's part.

Julian Lee

A tough lesson in life that one has to learn is that not everybody wishes you well.

Dan Rather

The desire for freedom in China is as strong as ever before. The 1989 effort almost succeeded. The fact that it failed in 1989, the fact that the leaders - over 1,000 of them - were executed does not mean that one-fifth of the world's population wishes to be held under the thumb of communism forever.

Christopher Cox

The only reason that we're leaving is to respect the wishes of the family.

Gabriel Pendas

We granted one of her last wishes.

Courtney Powles

Everyone wants to give you well wishes, and you do your best to accommodate everybody. I think people understand that your job is to drive a race car, and it's a little tougher doing double-duty on the weekend.

Byron Fellows

The entire New Orleans Saints organization would like to extend its prayers and best wishes to all of our fans throughout Louisiana and the Gulf South region, ... a source of pride and joy in these difficult days.

Tom Benson

People in and out of government tend to forget that government exists solely to do the bidding of the citizens, and the only way the citizens can make sure their wishes are being abided by is if they are allowed to do so through open meetings and records. Sunshine Week is simply a means of reminding us all of that fundamental premise.

Thomas Mitchell

We of course hope there are no injuries in the World Cup, but we have also made a declaration to back any club which wishes to take similar cases to this.

Thomas Kurth

[When their engagement was announced, the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, issued a statement saying they were] very happy ... warmest good wishes for their future together.

Camilla Parker Bowles

He is living under the stress and burden of this thing. It was an accident, and he wishes it hadn't happened.

Bill Sutton

I respect the athletes' wishes. She is a competitor and will help us no matter where she plays.

Shane Been

Each of the short listed organizations clearly demonstrates how building sustainability into their business models can have a positive impact. The IBLF wishes them all continued success and hopes this recognition will serve to assist their efforts.

Robert Davies

Because his wishes were clear, I think this is a very strong case.

George Annas

[Ralph Reed of the Christian Coalition also spoke up for Gingrich, calling the speaker's trip to China a] cause for pride. ... We should not cave to the president's wishes and pass a budget that does not include the most sweeping tax cuts since the Reagan tax cuts of the 1980s. We need tax cuts and we need them now.

Ralph Reed

. . . it seldom happens, I think, that a man has the civility to die when all the world wishes it.

Marie de Sevigne

A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true.


Wishes to be an important part of this community and wishes to assimilate well into it. ... He looks forward to putting this unfortunate incident behind him.

Yale Galanter

He is cheerful because he is composed. He only wishes to think good thoughts, say good thoughts and do what is right.

Julian Mcmahon

The results suggest the threshold is close to the end of this century, and it could come sooner. The Arctic is already warming much faster than we thought it would. To think we're not going to get 4 to 5 degrees warmer in another 50 years is wishful thinking.

Jonathan Overpeck

It's only about 500 yards from the federal courthouse down there, which makes it very close if he wishes to use the grand jury or should an indictment be returned in Alexandria.

William Henry Hudson

(The women living here) always have dreams and wishes ... so there's always a wish list of things that need to be done (at the house). One of the needs that kept arriving was about the piano.

Jen Buckingham

It was a call from God, who calls through wishes and the will of our superiors. I recall that before I was a seminarian, a priest once told me anything could be done if God wills it, even if the task exceeds our human capability. Mine is a call within a call and I believe that God will be by my side. That is why I am serene.

Mgr Grech

Nobody wishes to see cricket starved of funds or the tremendous progress of the last few years put at risk. Nevertheless, far more could have been done by the ECB to achieve a deal that both provided the money needed to develop the sport and allowed the millions of cricket enthusiasts to continue to watch the England team perform.

John Whittingdale

Anyone who wishes to dispute this can do so through an administrative hearing. But no one has done that.

Patty Weiss

If someone said to me that you can have three wishes, my first would have been to get into racing, my second to be in Formula 1, my third to drive for Ferrari.

Gilles Villeneuve

AIM, n. The task we set our wishes to. 'Cheer up! Have you no aim in life?' She tenderly inquired. 'An aim? Well, no, I haven't, wife; The fact is - I have fired.' G.J.

Ambrose Bierce

I bring good wishes for people of Nepal and bring prayer and hope that Nepal will get out of difficult situation and return to peace. I am always optimistic.

Karan Singh

Chinese embassy is the home of all Chinese people living abroad, and we would like to express our sincere wishes to everybody here to have a wonderful future.

Sun Heping

They use these games to create a fun atmosphere, but also to reach a consensus on people's wishes and needs.

Jim Pryor

We have been trying for 40 years to save the world, sometimes against the world's wishes.

Joseph Rotblat

I think there has been a calming down. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I see signs here and there that people are just getting tired of it.

Morris Fiorina

Through the money we raised we'll be able to make their wishes come true - to match children with mentors. People can even contribute online. The Internet makes it very easy for people to help kids.

Nancy Thompson

3 Doors Down asked us if we could fill in for them, and we are very happy that we were able to rearrange our schedule to do the show. We apologize to our fans in Portland, but we will be back on the 22nd, and we ask for everyone's understanding. Our thoughts and prayers are with Brad, and we send our best wishes to him for a speedy and complete recovery.

Aaron Lewis

It's a policy of the office to proceed on a domestic violence case regardless of the victim's wishes.

Michael Edmondson

We want to be responsive to our community because we want the school system to be designed around the needs of the students and the wishes of the community.

Suzanne Freeman

I'll respect the wishes of the membership.

Jim Repace

The woodcut New Year pictures are usually put up on windows or walls five days before the New Year's Day to express good wishes for the coming year.

Guo Shurong

Didn't think her vision was consistent with the ORC, especially the way the Council wishes to work with the ORC. For example, with regard to the zoning ordinance, the Council sees a comprehensive approach, the ORC wants to review the ordinances and simplify them. Pam's vision was counter to that.

Gary Foster

Visualize, 'prayerize', 'actionize', and your wishes will come true.

Charles L. Allen

If wishes were fishes we'd all be throwing nets. If wishes were horses we'd all ride.

Doug Horton

I can confirm that he was injured in a fall in Naples as part of a program-sponsored trip. It was a serious accident, and at this point we have not been able to determine the family's wishes in terms of any additional information relative to his condition.

Dennis Brown

Men try to run life according to their wishes; life runs itself according to necessity.

Jean Toomer

Each of us -- and the Florida Supreme Court has said this -- has a right to control our own body. We have a fundamental right to make our own medical treatment choices, and the state doesn't have a right to override our wishes.

George Felos

I would argue the mayor's salary should go up the same as everyone else's. If the mayor wishes to tear up his check, that's one thing, but I think his salary ought to be the same as everyone else's.

Don Schmidt

He goes with our blessing and our best wishes.

David Houghton

The biggest thing with her is she is the type of player a coach wishes they had 10 of. She is hard-nosed, will give 110 percent and will play to the best of her ability.

Chad Mcknight

People wish to be poets more than they wish to write poetry, and that's a mistake. One should wish to celebrate more than one wishes to be celebrated.

Lucille Clifton

Friday he had a couple of goals that he probably wishes he could have back.

Mike Schafer

We all have our own life to pursue, Our own kind of dream to be weaving... And we all have the power To make wishes come true, As long as we keep believing.

Louisa May Alcott

Memory is the best of all gardens. Therein, winter and summer, the seeds of their past lie dormant, ready to spring into instant bloom at any moment the mind wishes to bring them to life.

Hal Boyle

The failure wishes he could do things he could never do. He thinks little of what he can do.

Mark Caine

The world is full of genies waiting to grant your wishes.

Percy Ross

In the past, Sam, Graham and Ollie have been over to help out with coaching. However, the coaching we have been doing has been specific rather than as a team, so the Tigers boys haven't been over, but they are fully aware of how we are doing and they have passed on their best wishes for the final.

Dave Heybrock

If I didn't know better, I would think that you were just making definitions up in an ad hoc manner to avoid coming to a conclusion which contradicted your a priori wishes.

Greg Erwin

Colorado Springs is wishful thinking.

Troy Ellerman

I would say to anyone attending the opening ceremony who wishes to pay their respect to the Queen to go ahead and sing the royal anthem anyway.

Peter Ryan

Everybody wishes Mattel would buy Hasbro, but that probably won't happen.

Sean Mcgowan

Families here have wishes and desires no different from people in Omaha.

Keith Schwer

My philosophy in business is 'What goes around comes around.' I have nothing but good wishes for them.

Bill Hewitt

Darren asked the selectors not to consider him for the tour of Pakistan for personal reasons and we respected his wishes. With Liam Plunkett and James Anderson performing well in Pakistan and Simon Jones now available for selection again, the selectors feel the priority is for these players to gain as much experience of one-day cricket as possible ahead of the World Cup.

David Graveney

Our inventions mirror our secret wishes.

Lawrence Durrell

If we just had at least five or six people to grant wishes, it would be wonderful.

Paula Gilbert

As for my feelings toward 'Over the Rainbow,' it's become part of my life. It is so symbolic of all my dreams and wishes that I'm sure that's why people sometimes get tears in their eyes when they hear it.

Judy Garland

When a child, my dreams rode on your wishes, / I was your son, high on your horse, / My mind a top whipped by the lashes / Of your rhetoric, windy of course.

Stephen Spender

My client apologizes to the court for his actions, and he wishes to waive his preliminary hearing with his parents present in the courtroom. My client feels his parents have been through enough, and doesn't want them to have to testify.

Jamie Green

It's his wishes. For his peace of mind. (If he'd had to sell the farm to the highest bidder) It would break his heart to drive by and see it in housing developments. His identity is tied to this land. He worked this land for years and years.

Wendy Scott

The good news is he is doing much better. She does send her love and best wishes.

Ilana Kloss

It was our intent to inform the public of what we were doing. We wanted input from the public. We wanted to make sure that we as a commission made our decisions with sound based on not only the guidelines and the ordinance, but also the wishes of the people.

Paul Campbell