Tom Benson
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"Thomas Milton "Tom" Benson" is the owner of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans.

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As we move forward together, the Saints look forward to serving as a leader in the rebuilding and revitalization of our great community.

For the people back home, that's a wonderful thing.

The entire New Orleans Saints organization would like to extend its prayers and best wishes to all of our fans throughout Louisiana and the Gulf South region, ... a source of pride and joy in these difficult days.

I think the fact of what San Antonio did for us -- we had no other place to go where something like this was set up -- that's what made this happen.

We all need something to hang onto right now.

It's most important for there to be capacity crowds to attend every game we have here. It could make me proud, not only of our football team, but show what kind of city you have here.

I don't know what the NFL would have done if San Antonio hadn't taken us in.