"Paul Campbell" is the name of:

* Paul Campbell (1923–1999)

* Paul Campbell (American entrepreneur) (born 1980s)

* Paul Campbell (baseball) (1917–2006)

* Paul Campbell (Canadian actor) (born 1979)

* Paul Campbell (English politician) (born 1953)

* Paul Campbell (footballer) (born 1980)

* Paul Campbell (football) (1926–2005)

* Paul Campbell (Jamaican actor)

* Paul A Campbell (born 1959), British entrepreneur and musician

* Paul G. Campbell, Jr./Paul G Campbell (American politician) (born 1946)

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[Artisan Entertainment, the film's distributor, declines to honor a request by Curoff to put a disclaimer at the beginning of the faux-documentary stating that the film isn't representative of all witchcraft.] Do people put disclaimers on films when there are terrorists, and the terrorists happen to have a certain nationality? ... It's a film. That's all it is.

The Gourmet Burger Kitchen business is performing strongly across its eight existing restaurants and our pipeline of new sites is developing well.

State of Illinois employees responded in overwhelming numbers to our call for help, and our volunteers set a tremendously inspiring example by working in rough conditions to provide Hurricane Katrina's victims access to the services they need to rebuild their lives.

Fair and equal treatment is going to be the way things are, ... Nothing illegal will be tolerated.

It was heavy going and right outside my door. There's still burned-out cars all over the place.

No doubt it would increase our tax base, assess the valuation somewhat, increased revenues from the buildings that he would put up and the animals he would have in those facilities.

We came up with certain objectives and in order to drive those critical success factors, we decided we needed to raise the level of administration to take the JCA to be a more efficient and professional unit, ... we have always employed a CEO based on cricket knowledge and not business knowledge. We decided to shift the focus of who ran the business side of the game.

Are a problem in my district.

It was our intent to inform the public of what we were doing. We wanted input from the public. We wanted to make sure that we as a commission made our decisions with sound based on not only the guidelines and the ordinance, but also the wishes of the people.