Charles Darwin
FameRank: 6

"Tertiary education:" University of Edinburgh Medical School (medicine)

Christ's College, Cambridge (University of Cambridge) (BA)"Professional institution:" Geological Society of London

/doctoral_advisor =

/academic_advisors = John Stevens Henslow

Adam Sedgwick

/doctoral_students =

/notable_students =

/known_for = The Voyage of the BeagleOn the Origin of Speciesevolution by natural selection,common descent

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/author_abbrev_zoo =

/influences = Alexander von HumboldtJohn HerschelCharles Lyell

/influenced = Joseph Dalton HookerThomas Henry HuxleyGeorge RomanesErnst HaeckelJohn Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury/Sir John Lubbock

/awards = Royal Medal (1853)Wollaston Medal (1859)Copley Medal (1864)

/signature = Charles Darwin Signature.svg

/signature_alt = "Charles Darwin", with the surname underlined by a downward curve that mimics the curve of the initial "C"

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/spouse = Emma Darwin (married 1839)

/children = 10 children (Charles Darwin#Children/see list)


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