We don't want to go to war.

It is inconsistent to complain on the one hand about the burden of the overloaded international calendar and at the same time propose additional matches.

There are no plans for this in the foreseeable future.

I appreciate they have said that. I will appreciate it more when I see it happen.

Am I surprised? Let's say I was hopeful and we have been working towards this.

We have decided to take up the invitation of the enquiry chairman, Jose Luis Arnaut to contribute to the review.

We are positive about this review, but we will be very quick to push the issue of governance to the top of the agenda.

Rather than waging war with threats of expulsion, the focus should be on finding solutions to the legitimate problems of clubs.

We of course hope there are no injuries in the World Cup, but we have also made a declaration to back any club which wishes to take similar cases to this.