"Scott G. Bullock" is an United States/American civil rights lawyer who focuses on property rights issues such as eminent domain and Civil forfeiture in the United States/civil forfeiture which often involve disputes between the government and private persons. He is notable for defending Susette Kelo in the landmark eminent domain 2005 SCOTUS/Supreme Court case of Kelo v. City of New London, and for defending numerous persons who lost property because of asset forfeitures by local and federal authorities. He is a prominent advocate for property rights and Economic freedom/economic liberty. He is senior attorney at the Nonprofit organization/nonprofit public interest law firm in Arlington, Virginia entitled the Institute for Justice.

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It's not only a slap in the face to the governor and the legislature, but it's a case of the NLDC breaking their word.

The NLDC's actions are breathtaking in their arrogance and defiance of the wishes of Governor Rell and Connecticut's legislature, ... The NLDC is an unelected, unaccountable body that has been given the government's eminent domain power and is out of control.

We appreciate the willingness of Trafton Properties to consider donating land to MaineGeneral Medical Center and/or sell land at a discounted price if improved access to I-95 is provided. We will contact you if we have interest in developing the site in the future.

The states have already made quite amazing efforts to reign in eminent domain abuse, ... We hope and expect that state and local governments will continue to create strong safeguards against unchecked confiscation of property. After all, the Supreme Court has placed it entirely in the hands of state and local governments to ensure that eminent domain is not abused for private profit.

Every city has problems and wants more tax revenues.

Without any limits on the government's eminent domain power, every home, church, or corner store.

There are many reasons to support an alternative site.

They had agreed explicitly that they would not move forward with these condemnations, ... They don't have any new condemnations.

Our major benefactor, Harold Alfond, (would like the cancer center completed) as soon as possible.