I'm not sure why they didn't have the Q&A session today or even a conference call with analysts when they first announced the restructuring.

It's certainly a positive that they'll be back at work, but we're still a little cautious about what the effect will be. Any time you force somebody to do something they don't want to do, you have to wonder whether or not their heart is going to be in it.

If you compared 'Harry Potter' to 'Star Wars,' you're probably in the same vicinity of expected revenue, you know, in the billion-dollar-plus range. And similar to 'Star Wars,' this is something that has been around for some time now and will be around for a long time in the future.

I don't think even a strong holiday season would be enough to offset the weakness we've already seen this year. I wouldn't want my job to depend on an up second half.

It's all riding on the fourth quarter, you know. (Toy sellers) are looking at products like scooters and electronic dogs to bail them out in the fourth quarter, but they're nervous.

The problem is that consumers are not only online buyers. They buy in multiple channels. We go to stores; we go to the Web site.

I think the most important thing that investors want to hear from the company is what it thinks is a credible catalyst for boosting return on investment. One catalyst could be new management.

Everybody wishes Mattel would buy Hasbro, but that probably won't happen.

Kids don't want a walkie-talkie that looks like a cell phone, ... They want a cell phone.