If (the company) hired permanent replacements, then they don't have to give the strikers their jobs back upon termination of the strike.

It was one of the biggest musical moments of my life. From then on, Dennis tried to hire us for sessions.

The lady saw the gun. She knew he was depressed. She was scared for him, so she had fear in her mind and honestly no one can believe her when she said she was not scared for her kids.

Everyone at Roberson wishes Cam the best. Everyone hopes things work out for him. By taking this step, he can still be a Tiger. We'll see what happens.

There was so much uncertainty in the market, and so much negativity [from the press and groups including Amnesty International] that it was just too hard for us to predict when orders were going to come in.

More friends are made through being hilariously bad at something than were ever made through being superb.

It's not as deadly as some people have said.

It's not risk free, but the reality is these were people that were being taken into custody, that were breaking the law, were on an illegal drug and force had to be used. We believe this is the safest alternative. Unfortunately, we just can't save em all.

We're not giving any opinion with regard to what's going on there. We don't know if replacements are permanent or temporary. We don't look into that until after the election occurs, if the election is challenged.