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You'll never get ahead of anyone as long as you try to get even with him.

Lou Holtz

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.

Chinese Proverb

Be always sure you're right, then go ahead.

Davy Crockett

It helps that he's ahead in the polls. But as he always says, polls go up and down.

Michael Fishman

I think this will be a very challenging year for us ahead.

Marta Koesling

There are months, if not years of litigation ahead.

Nick Hanna

I haven't had a go-ahead from coach or anything like that.

Kyle Schlicher

It is well that the earth is round that we do not see too far ahead.

Meryl Streep

AMD is a little bit ahead on dual core, so they will see better sales.

Doug Freedman

But we still have one place ahead of us, so we must keep pushing with that as the target.

Jarno Trulli

I allowed them to go ahead and put roof structures in place.

Robert Mullins

It's just not my turn yet, I think I've got a lot more years ahead of me.

Dana Quigley

We will discuss this issue with the state and if we agree to go ahead we will do it, but this time on our own.

Vassilis Gagatsis

She is a missing link that we were missing overall. She is way ahead of her time.

Willie Goolsby

One who does not look ahead remains behind.

Brazilian Proverb

We did some things well, but we still have a lot of improvement ahead of us.

Glen Drury

The council has a lot of tough decisions ahead of it, and this is not one of them.

Peder Norby

Consumer spending will weaken in the months ahead.

Richard Curtin

I think (the science) is actually ahead of schedule.

Richard Lerner

We decided we could go ahead and be proactive.

Wayne Beatty

Think ahead. Don't let day-to-day operations drive out planning.

Donald H. Rumsfeld

We are well ahead of the legislation.

Tom Mason

We just go ahead and do stuff.

John Richards

I wish him well. He's got an uphill struggle ahead of him.

Sen Richard Sears

Go ahead and read it.

Steve Mottinger

He's four pounds ahead of me. Well, I can catch that with one bite.

Ron Shuffield

She's very far ahead. But anything can happen in skiing.

Tanja Poutiainen

That was pretty much the turning point. We were ahead a little, but that put us up for good.

Mark Morehouse

That is an example of the state staying ahead of the game.

Malcolm Petal

We have much work ahead, to stand still.

Said Musa

We've got a big job ahead of us to rebuild the program.

Anita Barker

I'd say we're 10 percent ahead of where we'd normally be.

Bill Swain

I always wanted to remain one step ahead of those who wanted me dead.

Leo Bretholz

Go ahead and bill these people, hit them in the pocketbook. You will get somewhere.

Harold Smith

We really tried to sit back and say, 'How do we get ahead of this so we're not always playing defense.

Bruce Mccloskey

Go ahead and shut them down.

Robert Shields

She's a great person. She has a very bright future ahead of her.

Rod Scott

Coach always preaches to us, get ahead, get ahead, make something happen.

Bryan Augenstein

So he didn't go all-out when he was so far ahead of everybody.

Gordon Roberts

Don't walk one step ahead of her with your head down.

Niles Eldredge

I'm hoping that we have a great response and that we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Nick Benedict

People have just gone ahead and experimented.

Ben Edwards

This is a major, major deal and a major historic day, to see this agreement going ahead.

Catherine Pearce

But he's still got a long season ahead of him.

Rich Martinez

So far it feels good to be ahead. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Rae Waters

This year looks to be ahead of that schedule.

Matt Coffaro

It took us every second to go ahead and get this win.

Chris Huppenthal

It shows that things continue to move ahead.

Franco Bonacina

Tax increases are rarely popular, so the governor has a difficult job ahead.

Murray Edelman

We're staying 18 months to two years ahead of ourselves.

Peter Schoomaker

This is a fairly significant step ahead for Yahoo.

Charles Golvin

With our business solution in place we are far ahead of any alliance competitor.

Jaan Albrecht

Awesome. They worked ahead all weekend and that's exactly what we need them to do.

Holly Van Vlymen

We're trying not to get too far ahead.

Kevin Krueger

Gives you a chance to get ahead.

Bonnie Brown

We fully expect to be that in the months and years ahead.

John Denison

It'll likely continue to be ahead of the R&D curve.

Sean Badding

The market is looking ahead.

Andrew Lebow

We had a lot of open shots, some we didn't hit. But we hit some big ones in a stretch to get ahead.

Caroline Williams

I think we should go ahead and get it over with.

Michael Lieberman

You always have to plan ahead, ... We always are aware of what ore is around the corner.

Jerry Nelson

He believed that everyone, everyone had the chance to get ahead in life.

Dick Riley

We have a new challenge ahead of us. That will be a little adjustment. We'll be OK.

Terry Heisey

Let them do it. Go right ahead.

Daniel Barenboim

Our breather was tonight. I'm ready to charge ahead tomorrow.

Kevin Mckeown

I think Reed is way ahead of where he was a season ago.

Randy Shada

It's going according to plan. Now, we can look ahead to a bye week and TCU.

Tom Holmoe

Can see the way ahead.

James Callaghan

When a work appears to be ahead of its time, it is only the time that is behind the work.

Jean Cocteau

We're very proud of her. We see big things ahead for her.

Susan Nash

It's not an act. She'll always talk about her teammates ahead of herself.

Shari Roessler

She's years ahead of her age and coaching experience.

Alex Estrada

This is going forward, full speed ahead.

Dave Gilliard

That's the challenge we've got ahead of us. We've got to figure out a way to score.

Doug Marrs

I guess we did a good job of thinking ahead. Every now and then we get one right.

Mike Feinberg

We've got way more games ahead.

Quincy Douby

We have guys ahead of where you want them to be and are so mature.

Tim Thornton

You never really get miles and miles ahead of them.

Marcus Trescothick

And we talked to the health department. They gave us the go-ahead.

Steve Marshall

We?re not even thinking about at this time. We don?t want to get ahead of ourselves.

Tresa Laboube

I am delighted it isn't going ahead.

Richard Grossman

I'm hoping we don't get as much as in '96, ... I think we're a little bit ahead of the game.

John Doherty

Wanted to veto the defense bill, go ahead.

Tom Daschle

I don't like to cut. I run straight ahead. It's more fun.

Chris Cole

China is ten years ahead of India but India is catching up.

Jeroen Van Der Veer

We don't want to look too far ahead.

Jake Orchard

Jim's way ahead of us.

Thad Matta

It's one indication that maybe we're not moving ahead as fast as everyone else.

Dale Knapp

Corey is ahead of schedule in his rehabilitation.

Billy Lange

It's absolutely critical for keeping ahead of criminal activity and technology.

Louis Reigel

I feel like this is getting ahead of what we need.

Janice Kershaw

If you would get ahead, be a bridge.

Welsh Proverb

We feel good about the quarter ahead and good about the year ahead.

Chris Liddell

You can never start looking ahead.

Jay Welk

If you look ahead, then you might get beat by a team that you shouldn't be beat by.

Shamalene Broner

They're struggling to get ahead of the curve.

John Barrymore

This can be attributed to the slowdown and restraint ahead of the euro.

Dominique Barbet

I had no idea. In a 0-0 game, I did not think that we'd go ahead and try to set up a play there.

Shane Connelly

You really can't sit here and try to explain what happened. That wasn't us. They got away from us - and before you knew it, they were ahead 21-0.

Jason Witten

They've done very well. They actually, as a group, are a little bit ahead of where I expected them to be.

Rick Lewis

If you get too far ahead of your troops, you'll turn around and they won't be behind you.

Barry Dubin

We are ahead of schedule.

Claude Lemere

It's always good to beat the guys ahead of you.

Randall Bispo

. . . "the good old days." The only good days are ahead.

Alice Childress

That was huge. That put us ahead and it was a big confidence boost.

Kelly Logsdon

Everything's pacing ahead of last year.

Derek Schiller

I'm sure we're way ahead of our five-year plan.

Ralph Cook

We didn't have any experience in it, but we went ahead and bought it.

Cindy Fleischer

Overall, I'm happy. A win is a win. We got ahead early and probably got a little content.

Tom Inman

There will be many challenges ahead, and I'm looking forward to them.

Cael Sanderson

We got a lot of stops on defense. We were a step on ahead on 'D,' and that allowed us to run.

Alan Wiggins

Think ahead to stock up on the staples you'll need.

Jennifer Ebelhar

It's a great thing to get a run in the first, you can do more when you're ahead. You can be more aggressive and take more risks.

Shawn Rychcik

We got a wonderful job ahead of, we really do. As sad as it is, it's a wonderful job.

Lee Ielpi

Keeping a little ahead of conditions is one of the secrets of business.

Charles M. Schwab

It's going to be a challenge, but we're moving ahead.

Robert Klein

We feel (business) is really ahead of our projections at this point.

Paul Hoffmann

I don't think Kyoto can last without the U.S. We've always said we wouldn't ratify ahead of the U.S.

Robert Hill

They gave us the letter, they gave us the go-ahead. And now this … It's a slap in the face.

Suzanne White

They came out ahead with that last contract.

Melvin Mora

As far as we're concerned the planning is going ahead. We're talking to the AU.

Stephane Dujarric

What lies ahead is more pain at the pump.

Charles Langley

We're ahead of what our projections were. We have had a lot of interest.

Kevin Case

We have another court case ahead of this.

Gene Mancebo

Even with how amazing that turnaround was, our best days are easily ahead of us.

Jim Lanzone

Going ahead and moving forward.

Saad Hariri

My sister was 45 - the age I am now - when she died. That's what's weird. She had so much ahead of her.

Margaret Foster

My sense is that the U.K. market is two or three years ahead of the U.S. market.

John Calverley

Expectations on Wall Street got way ahead (of themselves).

Romeo Dator

You don't have to send a dog to college. You could buy him a $10,000 doghouse and still come out ahead.

Bob Vetere

We can see them, they're six miles ahead of us, and we can't see anybody else.

Paul Cayard

Caution ahead of CPI appears to have kept most investors at bay.

Osamu Tamada

You always have to be a day ahead of schedule in order to not be overwhelmed at production.

Patrick Turner

We're positive on the year ahead.

Gareth Williams

Brooklyn has always been ahead of its time.

Jimmie Lee Solomon

Ahead of the elections we should touch 2,500 (on the index).

Najeeb Jarhom

Always remember that better days are ahead - if not in this life in the next.

Barbara Johnson

All three pitchers threw well. The pitchers were ahead of the hitters tonight.

Barry Godsey

That was one of our goals: to put ourselves to be there at the end. We have all our toughest battles ahead of us.

Mike Godfrey

He who doesn't look ahead remains behind.

Mexican Proverb

We will go ahead with the five areas.

Michael Townsend

So we tell them that if they have to wiggle, go ahead and wiggle.

Christine Richers

About 70 percent of the corn was planted by May 9, which was ahead of schedule.

Peter Thomison

They did a tremendous job. They have me ahead of schedule.

Antonio Cromartie

You're just now beginning to see how far ahead we are.

George Shaheen

This certainly puts us ahead of competitive technology.

Vaughn Gilbert

Our investigation continues full speed ahead.

Charles Moose

Walks really just kill me. I just didn't get ahead in the count.

Ross Detwiler

I must say that acting was good training for the political life that lay ahead of us.

Anthony Burgess

I knew that we didn't have the depth to just surge ahead.

David Six

If you win the short, you start thinking, 'I'm ahead' and get more nervous.

Brian Boitano

They were very bright girls with tremendous futures ahead of them.

Toby Shook

We're not looking ahead to anything but Bakersfield.

Pat Fuscaldo

It's great to have that right now — something that's such a big challenge right ahead of me.

Jeremy Bloom

We have a big job ahead of us on Tuesday.

Brian Voelker

It's six important points. We're ahead of LA by three points, so those points are big.

Jussi Jokinen

I would rather have gone right ahead. I wish they had gone ahead with it.

David Lathrem

This is getting so popular now. Japan is way ahead of the world in this.

Stuart Levy

All of a sudden, were two games ahead of Mandeville.

Rusty Brauner

I'm not taking that. Go ahead, it's here, just take it.

Wellington Mara

My impression is that they want to move ahead on this.

Larry Green

Look, better days are ahead in Troy.

Henry Bibby

We do have a lot of tough work ahead of us, ... how seamlessly we can transition through this adversity.

John Shimkus

We have big plans ahead of us and a lot of work to do.

Marjorie Hodges

You cannot get ahead while you are getting even.

Dick Armey

There are clearly headwinds ahead.

Laura Wright

You can always walk up, but it's better to call ahead.

Debbie Sheridan

I ended the war a horse ahead.

Nathan Bedford Forrest

The market is getting ready for re-election to go ahead.

Alberto Ramos

The doc was kind of worried about that. So he wanted to go ahead and get that done with.

Tim Barnes

They know they have a tough job ahead of them.

Mark Cox

As far as we are concerned, we are committed ... and (the talks) will go ahead as planned.

Anura Yapa

It's all ahead of you.

John Aiken

We've got a season ahead of us.

Nick Barnett

Valuations are a little high and the stocks are a little ahead of themselves.

Michael Fowler

We stay ahead of the curve.

Shuman Ghosemajumder

It's do or die now so we can't afford to look ahead.

Chris Moser

I think that we've done our homework. We are getting ahead.

Carol Hilson

We learned that we still have an awful lot of work ahead of us.

Jon Heacock

She knows how much work is ahead and won't be afraid to put the time and effort in.

Steve Backley

Darling that is a long way in the future. It is too far ahead for me to even think about.

Cherie Blair

We'd be ahead on goals for and against though. But it is still early in the season.

Dan Pinkerton

I walk ahead of myself in perpetual expectancy of miracles.

Anais Nin

We're way ahead of last year.

Joe Pickett

The content is light years ahead of what we had before.

Mike Greene

She pitched ahead early and there at the end when she got behind, she always battled out of it.

Mike Beckley

We're full speed ahead right now.

Frank Foley

His best years are ahead of him. He's got as fresh an arm as you're going to get.

Larry Izzo

It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.

Jackie Joyner Kersee

Southwest has a great defense. We have a big task ahead of us.

Bobby Crockett

It's always great to get ahead off the bat. It gives the pitchers something to work with.

Chris Valaika

Utah was ranked ahead of us, but we knew we were better.

Ashley Reed

We have a tough weekend ahead.

Tim Siegel

I don't know what those races are yet. I wasn't thinking that far ahead.

Dale Romans

The response came back that they were not in favor. Only one said we should go ahead.

Ray Garrett

We are looking at very, very difficult negotiations in the days ahead.

Munir Akram

For us to go ahead and try to predict top line, we're just not prepared to go there.

Henry Schacht

I think we should go ahead and look at which would be more reasonable.

Vicki Phillips

The N.F.L. is ahead of the pack, I do believe that, but there's a lot of buts.

Gary Wadler

The project is on schedule if not slightly ahead.

Bill Mulso