Tom Mason
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"Thomas Robert "Tom" Mason" was an American chiropractor, who was best known for appearing in films directed by Ed Wood, the husband of one of his patients.

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We are well ahead of the legislation.

This authority and myself would not want to discriminate against anybody.

The communication between the managers and the rest of the town staff is better.

Dwayne's our general; he makes the entire defense go, ... He's got all the physical attributes to be successful at the position. More importantly, he's got great instincts, the mental makeup and personality to be our middle linebacker and defensive captain.

The sentencing of James Davies marks the end of an extensive and thorough investigation involving three police forces.

We were driving ourselves crazy going to these meetings all the time.

I don't accept there has been a lack of action.

It's going to greatly increase the demand to close that link.

Town employees were concerned about interpretation of the personnel manual and some of the regulations, and I think addressing those with the involvement of as many town employees as he could ... has been received very positively.