Charles Moose
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"Charles Alexander Moose" (born 1953) is an American author and retired police officer, best known for his role as the primary official in charge of the efforts to apprehend the Beltway sniper attacks/Beltway snipers in October 2002. During his law enforcement career, Moose served as the chief of police for Montgomery County, Maryland, and Portland, Oregon.

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The person you called could not hear everything that you said. The audio was unclear. We want to get it right. Call us back so that we can clearly understand.

We're also cognizant of not creating a situation where we have a potential witness testifying at the trial.

So there are a lot of potential missteps in the distribution of reward funds, ... We will work with people that have experience, and then eventually we will also make sure that we have the proper number of attorneys involved in this entire process.

Our investigation continues full speed ahead.

We don't want to speculate, but certainly it's not beyond any reality that the person or persons involved in this would have numerous vehicles that they could be using.

We recognize the concerns of the community and, therefore, are going to provide the exact language in the message that pertains to the threat. It is in the form of a postscript: 'Your children are not safe anywhere, at any time,'.

When we have federal law enforcement officials involved in the investigation, perhaps some of our immigrant community members feel like there would be some problem for them because of their status, or some questions with regard to their status, if they come forward.

We're looking to see if there are bullets, fragments, other things that may tell us if there's any connection between that shooting, shootings here in Montgomery County and the shooting in Washington.