We've seen zone in all three games in the region so far. They're trying to take some things away from us, and other guys are stepping up. They can work to take that inside away, but there's some very capable players outside.

You can't get behind in the tournament and be forced to play catch-up.

Bingham defended us well, and it was hard to play catch up against two quality teams. We didn't play well today, but we played hard.

I thought we had pretty good balance, we were taking care of the ball, and the kids were looking for each other pretty well.

You can never start looking ahead.

This was something we said early on we could do. I was proud of the way our kids played tonight. We knew they (Weber) would play well. This was their last game of the year and they did an excellent job of defending us.

Brian is a very good player. But people forget that he is a good defender and is willing to do whatever it takes to win games.

I was worried about Kearns, because I watched them Wednesday and they executed so well.

When you're sitting up there watching those games and they (may) seem like they're not close, but when you're on the sideline they seem a heck of a lot closer.