Bakersfield took us out of our offense in the first half. We got down big, but it was big for us to cut it down to single digits. ... The second half was a different game.

Tipton was the best player on the court. If there is a better player in the West Region tournament, who is he?

From the start, we had a case of butterfingers. We play a team concept, and when we get away from that we're in trouble.

Their athleticism is what makes them so good. They are outstanding athletes, but they are not a better team than we are.

I like the way she is around basketball players, men or women.

Until our administration puts more money into the (basketball) program, we are always going to have trouble with teams like Bakersfield. They have kids who come to school for one semester to play basketball, and that's not how we do it.

Most people don't realize it, but Kevin is the glue that kept us together the past two years.

We're not looking ahead to anything but Bakersfield.

We're in a good place. We're usually the ones doing the chasing.