We see homecoming as a way to build tradition. When (a school's) been around for 150 years, it's easy to have tradition. Being such a young university, we're still working on it.

He has consistently opposed war and violence. He has worked for peace and to educate in particular young people about non-violence and the power of non-violence.

Definitely those age groups are our biggest.

I don't like to cut. I run straight ahead. It's more fun.

They've been a real surprise. They've never played before and they actually won. They're so enthusiastic and practice so hard.

With the way gas prices are tight now, we expect to have a full bus within a month or so.

The kids that do have experience have other commitments.

It's spiked within the last couple days.

I wanted to be that guy when I was younger. I had pictures of him everywhere -- on my walls, in my notebooks. Everything he did, I wanted to do. He was my favorite skater, by far.