This win is big because it just gives us a rest. I don't know if we could have played three games in three days.

This is just one of many games that we have this season. Other people hyped the game, but we approach all of the games the same way. We have a goal, and this was another step toward that.

I don't want to play extra games.

She's just been a great floor general for us all year. She had a great tournament in Washington, D.C., and she starts things for us and keeps us balanced. It's harder to stop five people, so she helps to just spread things around.

I'm proud of the way they fought in the game. We had six kids and they played their hearts out.

She does just what we need her to do. Sometimes she needs to score and she can do that, but a lot of times she sets the tone and runs the offense like we need her to. She's a very good point guard.

I knew that we didn't have the depth to just surge ahead.

Obviously we have to limit Gamble's touches, and try to control Johnson to some degree. But our biggest thing is to come out and play our game.

We really tried to pressure them up the floor and make it uncomfortable for them. We just could never get over the hump and made some mental mistakes down there at the end.