It messes with your mind a little bit when you come in here. ... I came in here, thought my system worked and it took me a little while to get used to it - I'm not going to lie. It was a lot different. But I know I'm a better goalie because I'm using a lot of his stuff. I still use some of the stuff that got me here, but then he combined it a little bit, fits what's best for you.

I was pretty pumped with the way I held myself together.

I had no idea. In a 0-0 game, I did not think that we'd go ahead and try to set up a play there.

I in no way intentionally moved the net on any of those plays. I hit the post and it just fell off. I told the ref 'It's going to be a struggle down here -- they're just pegs, not like the moorings.

Those games, you've got to really concentrate. They're probably going to get one chance, so I was just talking to myself, saying be ready to stop the puck and keep the lead.