They all agreed that the quartet continued to support the interim Palestinian government.

As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Russia's contribution to bringing all sides back to the negotiating table is vital.

As far as we're concerned the planning is going ahead. We're talking to the AU.

We will then go back to those countries that have the capacity and the resources to help put that force together.

He hopes ... to meet with a number of leaders from Europe and from the Islamic world and to discuss with them ways of calming the situation and allowing a constructive dialogue between people of different faiths and traditions based on mutual understanding and respect.

Panelists at the meeting will be discussing among other issues which population sectors need to be engaged to try to bridge differences and combat extremism particularly in youth and immigrant populations.

The Secretary-General appeals for calm and calls on all Sudanese to refrain from actions which may lead to tension during this time of mourning.

The United Nations will continue working to ensure that the people of all remaining non-self-governing territories have such opportunities to exercise their right to self-determination.

There is obviously a lot of tension right now between the General Assembly and other organs about who has the lead in dealing with certain issues here at the United Nations.