We have to distrust each other. It's our only defense against betrayal.

Tennessee Williams

When you play a competitive game like this, it's going to be a game of runs. We had one early and they came back. We just got out of sync and rhythm offensively. In the third quarter we had some shots we normally make. They didn't go down. They played very good defense and made it tough on us to score.

Aaron Rosenberg

Self-defense is the clearest of all laws, and for this reason: lawyers didn't make it.

Douglas William Jerrold

Religion is a defense against the experience of God.

Carl Jung

Education is the cheap defense of nations.

Edmund Burke

I don't even call it violence when it's in self defense; I call it intelligence.

Malcolm X

I love defense probably more than I love offense.

Brian Dozier

These soldiers deserve a better defense secretary than the one we have.

William Kristol

Hope springs eternal when you are a defense attorney in a case like this.

Stephen Ryan

I threw strikes and was able to go late in the game. And the defense was outstanding.

Shawn Chacon

We've really begun to focus on the defense. We want to make plays on defense; we have the kids who can make those big plays.

Gordon Elliott

We're holding our own. We just need to work on our defense.

Charles Turner

The Jets' defense is a little small, but they're very quick and talented.

Terrell Davis

Our defense was just fantastic as it has been all year. It has been the backbone of our team all year.

Al Guthman

Charles is fine. He's doing well, and he's a key guy for us on defense.

Mark Mangino

Everybody on the defense has that one play where if they could have gotten it back ...

Hunter Hillenmeyer

We have a right to a defense. A defense is [Tim] did it, or someone else did it!

Andrew Abood

They were really physical and did a great job scouting us. Our defense wasn't on par tonight.

Charles Lee

They are both doing a great job, and I think the defense feels confident with both of them in there.

Suzanne Isidor

Players don't win, teams do. We weren't going to let one player beat 11 men on defense.

Tim Bennett

That was a set play. He was the key on the play, coming in from the defense. It was his fourth goal of the season on that play.

Trevor Waters

Their defense came at you and their offense was very crisp.

Mark Mazzon

Our concept is that our best offensive play is our defense. And the kids have bought into that concept.

Terrance Haywood

I'll admit; I broke it. I dove for a tackle on defense and accidentally kicked him. You can see it on film.

John Williamson

They played good defense, and we just couldn't put the ball in the basket.

Greg Robinson

We didn't play a lick of defense. We couldn't stop them.

Randolph Morris

And we stepped up our defense.

Mark Woznicki

Offense wins games, but defense wins championships.

Becky Novacek

It started with the defense.

Derrick Adams

This team has a really good offense, but the defense just clicked.

Tyler Bailey

When the defense picked up, then our offense got involved too. We knew what we had to do.

Rashonda Mayfield

Our defense was barely there. We didn't have any rotation.

Bracey Barker

It's frustrating to lose like that. The defense wasn't there at all tonight.

Chris Kaman

Jenny is just so strong and she really runs the defense well back there.

Margaret Fehrenbacher

Every time our execution failed, we responded with our defense.

Tayshaun Prince

When the only defense you have is one of extreme emotional disturbance, you have to put your client on the stand.

Brian Donohue

We played much better team defense.

John Jindrich

Especially against a defense like that, it feels great.

Ronnie Brown

We knew we had to contain the QB, and the defense really got him flustered all night.

John Hawblitz

Their defense was very open; I was surprised.

Bob Clague

It's fun to play defense with a group of players so committed to it.

Kelly Miller

He's changed the basic rules of Japan's security and defense policy.

Tsuneo Watanabe

We need to work on our post defense.

John Sloop

We played great defense early on.

Mozelle Williams

I?m confident our defense is going to play a lot better Friday.

Jeff Olson

Our defense helped set that up and our offensive line fired off the ball.

Joe Williams

In the first half we just stifled them on defense.

Dennis Melcher

That was the game, turning them away on defense when it counted.

Tim Spiers

I don't think they're a pushover defense but I think it's really all about us, what we do. Nobody can stop us when we do what we do.

Rob Sims

The most fundamental purpose of government is defense, not empire.

Joseph Sobran

We have the tools to be the No.1-ranked defense in the league.

Darnell Dockett

The defense attorneys filed a request with the court to waive the appearance and the court agreed to do so. The investigation continues.

David Wald

That was some of the best defense we've played all season.

Derek Ergle

A government without the power of defense! It is a solecism.

James Q. Wilson

We came out of the locker room and picked up our team defense.

Andy Scott

Funding for the major recommendations will go to Congress in the Defense budget on Monday and Congress will have its say on them.

Steve Kosiak

Scoring off our defense is a big thing. If we can do that, we've got a chance to do some things.

Phil Willard

Defense has carried us this whole way - that is what we do best. Our offense comes off of our defense.

Derek Parker

Our defense won the game. Offense can win you games, but to win the Big Daddy you have to play defense.

Curt Reed

If the defense releases them, that's up to them. If charges are going to be pending, he can't be discussing them.

Candy Clark

We knew when we won conference we could go to state. And our defense was the difference.

Daniel Wright

Our defense and hitting were finally coming together.

Katrina Solomon

Our defense played a solid game and did a good job on the ball.

Pam Smith

Our defense did an outstanding job. In the second half we played ball control.

Doug Kilby

We have to guard Smith and play solid defense. We can't let him get 50. He can't blow up.

Danny Nee

The defense was there all day and we're thrilled.

Ryan Gallogly

Humor is just another defense against the universe.

Mel Brooks

We combined it all - hitting, pitching and defense. When we do that, we're dangerous.

Randy Wilstead

Antonio hit some really big shots tonight. And he really got us going on defense, too.

Jimmy Just

In the absence of an agreed-upon record, you can't prepare a valid defense brief.

John Pappalardo

[Defense companies are doing well, but] is this war profiteering? ... You have to look at it on a case-by-case basis.

Keith Ashdown

We were much better (tonight) on the interior defense.

Bucky Johnson

That hurt us tremendously. All of our offense and defense goes through her.

Joe Turner

Their defense was able to contain him most of the game except when he ran for that touchdown.

Dan Fauser

I think it's going to start with our defense -- and it's got to start with our corners.

Rod Woodson

When we execute and play defense, we're capable of playing with anybody.

Curtis Hunter

Our defense was pretty good. We just couldn't convert on the turnovers we created.

Kelli Parker

We were getting more and more confident in our defense.

Devean George

It's hard to find a weak link so you can help out (on defense).

Hal Pearson

We didn't make any adjustments. The defense came out and got back to basics.

Jay Corlew

We played solid defense the whole game.

Johnny May

It was just an awesome display of defense. The kids just did an outstanding job.

Mark Hatton

On some nights, defense creates offense. Tonight, it did not.

Chance Lindley

We run a lot here. We score a lot of points on fast breaks because our defense is really good.

David Dulkys

I'm a firm believer that if you tell the defense what you are going to do and you block it right, there's not a damn thing they can do about it.

Jeremy Newberry

We don't know what our defense will be. This case is life-consuming.

Llewellyn Marczuk

We were much better at getting after loose balls. The defense came through.

Pat Bowlin

The difference between the teams was commitment. The Chiefs came out more committed, determined to do their absolute best in attack and defense and that was the difference.

Chris Latham

Two things are important to us. We pride ourselves on pitching and defense.

Jeremy Whitaker

We're definitely getting better. We're playing well as a team and our defense is really coming along.

Chelsey Nelson

Lying is an elementary means of self-defense.

Susan Sontag

Our defense was excellent and our pitching is really getting there and coming on.

Craig Lauger

We've been working on being more of a team defense and also working on our one-on-one defense.

Karin Brower

We got away with a lot of sloppy play on defense. But we had a lot of clutch plays on offense.

Brett Brooks

She was phenomenal. We had to get her out of her rhythm. We should have changed our defense earlier.

Terry Anthony

The defense came up big. It is nice to see when you are going through some things on the offense. They have kept up in it.

Bryan Kramer

We attacked the basket more. We were more aggressive on defense and we definitely came out to play this game.

Christine Baldauf

We need to be more disciplined on defense. We can't get out there and freelance.

Ward Courville

We couldn't break their defense.

Vladimir Krikunov

After Adam puts that ball in there, he has to take an angle to draw the defense away from the ball.

Dave Adams

He really came on after Christmas. We started him on defense but then I moved him up to forward and he's been awesome since.

Scott Cunningham

There is no defense against a perfect pass. I can throw the perfect pass.

Dan Marino

Baker did a good job pitching. (She was) consistent. The defense backed her up pretty good.

Nelson Mccullough

They had an excellent half-court trapping defense. We didn't adjust to them very well.

Tom Megyesi

You were always fair to us, to the prosecution and to the defense.

Gary Simpson

We really tried to sit back and say, 'How do we get ahead of this so we're not always playing defense.

Bruce Mccloskey

Our defense did a good job. We knew they had some speed up top, but we were able to control them.

Jeff Rogers

It all starts with our defense.

Maggie Combs

It's an aggressive defense. That's typical about them. But they run a 3-4, whereas Buffalo ran a 4-3, so it's a little bit different.

Victor Riley

We played Niles defense. We pride ourselves on that.

Jim Arnold

Overall, I was pleased. We created our offense from our defense.

Wendy Clark

The defense held them to 10 points and stayed aggressive and attacked well.

Mike Stellato

They were 31st in pass defense, 30th against average per rush, and 30th overall in defense.

Wade Phillips

We hit the ball and we played defense. But you can't do anything about walks.

Alan Byrd

You see a hole in the defense, and you can go right, go left. You can go around them, or you can run over them.

Luke Taylor

We got back on defense and actually ran set plays correctly, ran our motion offense better and shot better.

Jason Scanlan

I don't have to shoot it a lot, I just have to keep the defense honest.

Mario Chalmers

We have won games on defense, which is probably our strongest point as a team.

John Rosner

We just have to go and fight this every day. And work on defense.

Rahshon Clark

The quarterback was good. He was in command of everything that was happening out there. He was aware of the defense.

Carl Smith

Due to the obvious self-defense issues, the clerk is not being charged with any crime.

Lt. Loyd Baker

I think that hurt their defense a lot, and it was a little easier to break them down.

Abby Fennessey

They played great defense, they really dug a lot of balls.

Katie Weismiller

We just had to play better defense.

Jermaine Carter

We have zero plays. All I asked my players to do was play a 'little' defense.

Ryan Sanchez

The defense got us some field position and really opened things up.

Joel Gray

Playing tough defense is always the key in the tournament.

Matt Diblasio

A big part of it for us has been our defense. We defend very, very well.

Jason Mathenia

The defense has been consistent all year long.

Dave Mohapp

Once the place got rocking a little bit we got some intensity on defense.

Andrew Strait

Our defense is good. I think it's at a high level now.

Bob Letsch

Our defense needs to really improve more. If we had a little more fire we'd challenge a little more of their shots.

Chris Hayes

You won't see the Texas defense play like that again.

Rod Wright

Any time you score a touchdown on defense, you don't get that chance very often.

Paul Duren

Defense has been a strong point thus far. But that offense slowly but surely, it's coming.

Cornelius Bonner

Defense has been the key for us so far. It's carried us all year when we can close on their shooters.

Walter Jordan

Our defense was tenacious. We had the energy which we didn't have at Connecticut. The defense initiated a lot of our offense.

Seimone Augustus

They may have exacerbated it, but they also inherited it. That has to be part of the defense. It's got to be.

Chip Harp

They know we're an aggressive defense. They had a good game plan.

Odell Thurman

Defense is a big concern. In '01, '02, '03 we were at the top of the conference in defense. That didn't happen last year.

Jack Cosgrove

We just needed to pick up the defense and the rebounding, and we did that.

Amy Donovan

We played pretty good defense, too.

Bill Buthorn

They run a lot on offense so we've got to play hard on transition defense.

Alan Wiggins

He's our leader in the defense.

Randy May

Everything has been defense, defense, defense. However, I agree. We have got to improve our defense.

Brooke Baker

Our defense was amazing, they rose up and shut them out in the second half.

Jim Darling

The defense had a lot to do with it. We didn't let Geibel do what they wanted to do.

Brandon Williams

We knew we had to play defense, get three and out, and play big.

Kyle Herndon

In the second half we played better defense and got running.

Brian Bates

Mr. Halas hired me to coach the defense. That's what I did.

Buddy Ryan

The leadership of the Defense Department is OK. The secretary is OK.

Glenn Flood

The defense did a great job. They kept us in there until the offense could get going.

Francis Reishus

He used to steal a lot of bases. A good hitter, good defense.

Mike Cahill

We're peaking right now. We are playing fantastic defense.

Greg Devers

I begged to get in. I could run and be upright and play defense, but I couldn't bend over and pick up the ball.

Jim Harney

We came out in the second half with no life and our defense broke down.

Kirk Speraw

We had enough offense to win this basketball game. We just didn't have enough defense.

Dan Monson

We didn't put enough pressure on their defense.

Marissa Chovanec

We won't quit on defense. We don't care if it's on the one-inch line. We will stop them.

Terrence Royal

The surprising thing to us was that Cascade was able to run the ball on them. They don't have any type of unusual defense. Their defense is a lot like our defense.

Mark Wildman

Coaches emphasize defense. We'll try to. We still want to get our points on the board.

Frank Edwards

I'm his biggest fan. I'm not a defensive guy, but I would pay to watch him play defense.

Greg Walker

They run a 4-4 defense; they run it very well. We're going to have to do a good job blocking them and taking care of the football.

Harry Sprouse

We had some solid defense in the back. Our defense is learning to play as a group.

Olaf Kirsten

We played a lot of defense -- we battled. But boy offensively, we struggled -- we couldn't do a thing.

Pete Zimmerman

Your shot isn't always on, but you can always play good defense.

Amy Mahlum

I just preach defense. Everything for us is defense.

Debbie Stroman

The choice ... is entirely based on a defense-industrial logic.

Alain Juppe

They're beatable. We have to make shots and play defense.

Lauris Mikalauskas

They have a great defense and are coached very well. They move to the ball well, and are aggressive at times.

Andy Mccollum

They just hit the ball well, but I was happy with our defense.

Colleen Nave

Today, our defense flew around and had a good time. It was fun out there.

Brian Urlacher

I know I always pride myself on defense because that's what wins championships.

Jonte Flowers

That's a lot for our defense, but if we can do that all year long, it'll be great.

Deltha O'neal

We got some execution on offense for a change, and our defense was good again.

Maurice Freeman

Our defense backbone is strong. I don't think it will be a bad year.

Michael Slotkin

We've got seven returning starters on offense and seven returning on defense.

Andrew Pearson

Our defense has helped. We've bonded.

Josie Hubschman

Frank Brown is the leader of our defense.

Larry Peacock

We have some great players on defense, ... We are capable of creating turnovers on every play.

Brett Miller

Alamo wasn't playing too much defense, and we put ourselves in situations where our defense can create offense.

Walt Sanchez

The defense played pretty well. You couldn't ask for anything more.

John Post

He's more of an attack-style defense. I think it's fit our personnel real well.

Paul Duren

It's my job to open up the defense. If I'm shooting from outside, things will open up underneath.

Tyler Wiand

Ariel's really fast and very competitive. She finds a way to put the ball in the net. She played well on defense for us, but we had to find a way to better use her scoring ability.

Martha Whiting

We got complacent. We struggled playing defense. It's not something that they would normally do.

Joe Fussner

This is what I call the ABC defense: Anybody except Charles.

Paul Matthews

I just do what my team needs me to do – that's play defense.

Aaron Simpson

Coach told us to play our game and don't change our offense or defense. This is our game to win.

Jennifer Martinez

She's one of the most consistent attackers in the state and she improved her defense tremendously.

John Knuth

Our defense is going to have to carry us early because that's where our experience lies.

Norm Eash

They're adding some new touches to their offense and defense because of the experience they do have.

Rick Vernon

For being undersized, our intensity in man-to-man defense wasn't there like it has been. But it will get there. We're getting better.

John Sims

All the primary defense witnesses will have credibility problems.

Leonard Lato

I couldn't be more proud of two guys (Clore and Dahn) and the defense they played.

Gregg Schaffer

Ian Scott played as well as anyone on our defense.

Lovie Smith

Our defense was a lot better. I feel like we were a little bit more pro-active on defense and did a better job communicating what was going on.

Carmen Dolfo

We called the play, we got the ball to Mark. For whatever reason we didn't get it in the basket, and then we didn't back on defense.

Ron Jirsa

We got the ball to go into the basket. We played some pretty good defense.

Scott Beehler

Defense and government contractors couldn't make anything inexpensive if their lives depended on it.

Alex Roland