We just have to go and fight this every day. And work on defense.

I know it was kind of far away. I looked at the (shot) clock and the time was running down, so I just had to shoot it. I knew exactly when it left my hand that it was going in.

We're going to have a lot of meetings. Every day, before every game. We had that meeting and everybody rebounded great.

That's been developing a whole lot. From last year to this year, I'm just more confident in my shot. I'm taking a lot of shots that I wouldn't have last year because I wasn't confident. It's all from (getting) confidence in practice.

Offense, defense, we have to get better at everything. Everybody on this team is getting to the point that they know what they have to do for us to win and that will carry over to the Big 12. We need it, too.

Everybody has their own opinion. We've got to get together and discuss them as a team.

They came out and totally out-rebounded us.

If you want to play big, you're going to play big. It's all mental.

However long it takes, that's how long he's going to be away for. We're going to hold it down for him. Everybody hopes his mom gets better.