We didn't really talk or anything or say we're going to come out with more fire. We just know we have to pick it up.

Our defense needs to really improve more. If we had a little more fire we'd challenge a little more of their shots.

We could have gone out and contested more. If we put a hand up on half of those shots, they'll miss half of them.

I think of it as a step forward. Because we were down a little bit, we brought it back to within three, and we had a chance to tie it. But I know we can do a lot better than that.

We're losing that drive that we had in the beginning. We were more hungry.

We try to get it to the inside as much as we can because that really gets our offense going.

If they're really hot, we have to keep going to them. It's good to have them step up because other guys might have off nights.