Antonio hit some really big shots tonight. And he really got us going on defense, too.

I don't know if that's the case or not. It's a nice record, and it leads us into the tournament in the right way.

I wasn't really nervous. You're anxious. You're hoping that your team will execute. I thought for the most part that our kids handled it pretty well.

We've got a team (in Jennings County) we definitely won't take for granted. They did a nice job.

We knew Buckner was a big key. We were hoping to pressure him and wear him down. I think we did. Our kids did a nice job putting pressure on them and hitting some nice shots late in the third quarter.

The kids really deserve this. We've just got to step it up on the defensive end.

Our goals are we want to win it all, we want to be a state champion, and we want to make sure we're doing things well on the floor and off the floor as well.

We definitely had a very dangerous route through the sectional. But you've just got to find ways to win and these kids have done a great job of stepping up and finding a way of getting it done.

The way both teams played you would have hated to see either team lose. It was just a fantastic game. Both teams gave it all they had and that's what it's all about.