Two things are important to us. We pride ourselves on pitching and defense.

The big key for us is we answered with runs when we were at-bat.

We have to be aggressive, that's for sure. If you fall behind against those guys you are going to be in trouble.

We have a big challenge ahead of us. They got two real good pitchers we have to go up against. That's not going to be easy.

I told the team that I was more pleased with the three (runs allowed) than the 14. If you pitch and play defense well, you can go a long way.

We don't want to change too much of what we've been doing this year. Kids can sense a bit of panic if you change things up too much from what you've been doing. We have a plan, but we are basically going to do the same things we've done all year.

We had some good approaches. We didn't strike out and we put the ball in play.

This team has stayed together all year long. We always talk about if something bad happens, don't let it snowball on us. It didn't snowball and we had different kids step up all game.