Tayshaun Prince
FameRank: 10

"Tayshaun Durell Prince" is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The 6'9" small forward graduated from Dominguez High School before playing college basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball/University of Kentucky. He was drafted 23rd overall by the Detroit Pistons in the 2002 NBA draft and went on to win a championship with the team in 2004.

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Every time our execution failed, we responded with our defense.

After Chauncey missed that shot at the end of the first overtime, I knew we had to get it back to him again because I knew he'd make up for it.

Whenever they took the lead or tied it up and got the crowd into the game, we made some plays to put the crowd out of it. They would make another run, and we would respond again.

You want to keep your rhythm. I feel if I miss a game, I kind of lose my rhythm a little bit, so I try not to let that happen.

We know what our capabilities are: to have our defense get some stops and try to get started on our offensive game, which wasn't happening for us.

They can play better. But at the same time, we can play better, too.

They've got a new team with new players. It's going to take them a while to all get on the same page, but they've still got a great team.

It's not hard for me. It's only Year 4 for me, but this is coach No. 3.

The thing about it is, we?re loose all season long and then when the playoffs come, we?re even more loose. People might not think that?s a good thing, but it?s a good thing for us. We try to stay loose. We still know the focus part and what that mental aspect is, but we like to be loose and get prepared in the way that we have to.