Our concept is that our best offensive play is our defense. And the kids have bought into that concept.

Abraham is one of my better defenders. Roman, of course, has been (our) leading scorer all year long.

I just told the guys ... let's come out, let's pick it up on defense so we can get some transition points and speed the game up, and play at our speed as opposed to playing it at their tempo.

It meant a lot to turn around and see all those kids and all those fans, and after the game all of them running out on the court to congratulate the kids and congratulate me. To hoist up that region championship trophy, that meant a lot. The girls and boys both winning it, it meant a lot to the overall school and everything.

To lose all of those guys and to come back with a group of young kids, none of them having any varsity experience. And just to see where we started from, and where we're at now, it was huge.

Now with the girls she has and their experience, they have become a legitimate team in single-A girls basketball.

They're (Johnson County) a four-seed and we're a one-seed, which at this time, means nothing. If you're in the state playoffs, obviously you can play.

We (have) got to do a better job of securing the lead at the end of the fourth quarter like that in the game.