Aaron Simpson
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"Aaron Simpson" an United States/American animation producer best known as the founder of the animation website ColdHardFlash.com.

A native of Birmingham, Michigan, Simpson was a producer for Warner Bros. Animation's animated television series Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island, which debuted on Kids' WB. Simpson also helped develop the animated television series Johnny Test in 2004, producing the pilot that preceded the first season order. Aaron has been producing animation since 2001, starting with Jorge Gutierrez (animator)/Jorge Gutierrez's El Macho, an online series of shorts for Sony Pictures Digital.

Starting in 2006, Simpson served as Vice President, Animation Production and Development at JibJab, where he supervised Internet and mobile ventures.

In 2012, Simpson directed Steve Jobs: Resurrection, an animated parody that coincided with the release of the iPhone 5. The video was viewed over a million times on YouTube.

In 2013, Simpson, acting as one of the film's Executive Producers, helped formulate and execute the distribution strategy for Dick Figures: The Movie.

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We had to hire a private jet from Japan to bring (someone's) dog and a minder for the dog. It is bizarre and it is not the run of the mill thing.

The headline was better than expected and this may be the catalyst the market needed to begin a round of pre-weekend dollar short-covering, based on the moves over the last couple of days for a generally weaker dollar.

I don't think this will have much impact on Fed thinking, not at this point; 25 basis points in January is baked in the cake. So we'll see one more hike certainly, perhaps two, but as the Fed keeps saying now the future course of interest rates will depend on the data. We're not on cruise control anymore.

I would call the dollar's reaction a little muted. This data is generally volatile anyway, which prevents too much market reaction.

I just do what my team needs me to do – that's play defense.

At some point, the market is going to return its focus on the current account and the U.S. fiscal deficits (but) at the moment, interest rates are still driving the dollar.

We have had extraordinary requests. We rented Concorde for a private birthday party to go to the Bahamas - it cost $1 million each way.

If he thinks about it like that, it is an advantage, but it would be nice to have 30 more pounds on him. Size means a lot at that (weight class). He definitely moves better than any heavyweight. What Cain has over everybody else is his heart. He's relentless in his training and in the way he competes.

There hasn't been a whole lot of reaction to the auction so far, although we saw that indirect bids came in quite high.

(Members) want to make one call and it is all sorted.

I felt the game was on the line and I couldn't just let that guy score. I needed to make a big play.

The fact is, we've worked so hard to get to the point where we finally see revenues, we would sure like to be able to keep it and put it to common use for our residents.

We'll see one more hike certainly, perhaps two, but as the Fed keeps saying now, the future course of interest rates will depend on the data. We're not on cruise control anymore.

Historically, capacity utilization over the 81 level could bring some production bottlenecks into play throughout the economy which could put upward pressure on prices.

If you combine a weaker ISM and the Fed minutes, the market is definitely taking a dollar-bearish view.