Justin threw really well today. Any time you pitch like that, you deserve to win the game.

That was some of the best defense we've played all season.

Justin has pitched well all season. It just so happened that things fell our way today and we were finally able to get him a win. He has a lot of potential, and if he continues to work hard he will be even better next season.

He's a good pitcher, but we have to do a better job of making contact. We just didn't hit the baseball, plain and simple. Colby probably should have gotten a 'W.' He pitched a great game.

We would prefer to have won our first game at the beginning of the season. But we'll take it. What we hope to do now is take this win at the end of the season and build on it for next year.

When it left the bat, I thought he had hit a home run. That's just part of the bad luck we've been having lately.

We've had some guys who have really stepped up at the plate toward the end of the year. Some of them are guys who had been struggling a little bit. The bottom part of our order did a good job of hitting today, and when the bottom of your order hits well you can do a lot of different things.