I thought the offense could do something because they are so talented, that (the defense) would motivate them with our stops, but then I'm not down on them. If (the offense) messes up, I'll fight for them. They're my brothers, and I'll fight for my brothers.

We won't quit on defense. We don't care if it's on the one-inch line. We will stop them.

I'm excited. I can't wait to prove myself. I just want to show them what I can do. I have a lot to prove.

The sky's the limit for the young guys. I know there's nothing but greater things ahead for those guys.

It showed that we weren't going to quit. We don't care if it's on the 1-inch yard line - we will stop them.

We were here through all the moves. So this is a big thing. We finally got to play in the Big East and were finally invited to a bowl game. It's amazing. This is something special. We worked hard. We earned it.

It was emotional. It's very emotional because you think about all the hard work we did since Day One, and we work so much and we know we deserve more. [And] knowing it was my last time playing with [my teammates], I'm going to miss them.

With us going to a bowl game, they're going to a bowl game. We're just carrying on their legacy. Those are the guys that started it all with their hard work and leadership. It's an honor to represent those guys.

Since Day One this program has been built on defense. I don't care if it's on the inch-yard line, we're going to stop them.