Hegel was right when he said that we learn from history that man can never learn anything from history.

George Bernard Shaw

Humanity takes itself too seriously. It's the world's original sin. If the caveman had known how to laugh, history would have been different.

Oscar Wilde

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.

Napoleon Bonaparte

History is more or less bunk. It's tradition. We don't want tradition. We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker's dam is the history we made today.

Henry Ford

Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.

Mahatma Ghandi

If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.

Rudyard Kipling

The only thing new in this world is the history that you don't know.

Harry S Truman

"The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes".

Adolf Hitler

History is the great dust-heap... a pageant and not a philosophy.

Augustine Birrell

History is the transformation of tumultuous conquerors into silent footnotes.

Paul Eldridge

Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill. I think that there is nothing, not even crime, more opposed to poetry, to philosophy, ay, to life itself than this incessant business.

Henry David Thoreau

History buffs probably noted the reunion at a Washington party a few weeks ago of three ex-presidents: Carter, Ford and Nixon - See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Evil.

Bob Dole

History is a romance that is believed; romance, a history that is not believed.

Horace Walpole

What is public history but a register of the successes and disappointments, the vices, the follies and the quarrels of those who engage in contention for power.

William Paley

The dramatic modernization of the Asian economies ranks alongside the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution as one of the most important developments in economic history.

Larry Summers

History is philosophy learned from examples.


History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illumines reality, vitalizes memory, provides guidance in daily life and brings us tidings of antiquity.


Neither current events nor history show that the majority rule, or ever did rule.

Jefferson Davis

For four-fifths of our history, our planet was populated by pond scum.

J. W. Schopf

The history of human opinion is scarcely anything more than the history of human errors.


Indeed, history is nothing more than a tableau of crimes and misfortunes.


History is a tool used by politicians to justify their intentions.

Ted Koppel

History is the sum total of things that could have been avoided.

Konrad Adenauer

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government has grown out of too much government.

John Sharp Williams

History is the short trudge from Adam to atom.

Leonard Louis Levinson

The vicissitudes of history, however, have not dissuaded them from their earnest search for a "third way" between socialism and capitalism, namely socialism.

Richard John Neuhaus

If history has ended, it has been stopped at remarkable cost to the average US citizen.

Ben Manski

History never looks like history when you are living through it.

John W. Gardner

History keeps her secrets longer than most of us. But she has one secret that I will reveal to you tonight in the greatest confidence. Sometimes there are no winners at all. And sometimes nobody needs to lose.

John Lecarre

Recently I heard a 'wise guy' story that I had a party at my home for twenty-five men. It's an interesting story, but I don't know twenty-five men I'd want to invite ta a party.

Joan Crawford

All history has been a history of class struggles between dominated classes at various stages of social development.

Friedrich Engels

In the history of mankind, fanaticism has caused more harm than vice.

Louis Kronenberger

History is a better guide than good intentions.

Jeane J. Kirkpatrick

History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind.

Edward Gibbon

I go into my library and all history unrolls before me.

Alexander Smith

I have to constantly negotiate the tension between past neighborhood and present neighborhood.

Michael Eric Dyson

We are all descendants of Adam, and we are all products of racial miscegenation.

Lester B. Pearson

The men who make history have not time to write it.

Klemens Von Metternich

More history is made by secret handshakes than by battles, bills, and proclamations.

John Barth

Never doubt that you can change history. You already have.

Marge Piercy

If you write a post and put it on a blog, that's a historical document. If you change your template, then that entry looks completely different. It's the same words, but not the same meaning. This all depends on what historical questions that people will be asking and we can't know what they will want.

Josh Greenberg

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

Sir Winston Churchill

Some people make headlines while others make history.

Philip Elmer DeWitt

History's like a story in a way: it depends on who's telling it.

Dorothy Salisbury Davis

(History) The progress of the consciousness of freedom.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

'History,' Stephen said, 'is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.

James Joyce

[America is] a rebellious nation. Our whole history is treason; our blood was attained before we were born; our creeds were infidelity to the mother church; our constitution treason to our fatherland.

Theodore Parker

More than ever before in human history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together. And that, my friends, is why we have the United Nations.

Kofi Annan

From the totalitarian point of view, history is something to be created rather than learned.

George Orwell

All history is only one long story to this effect: men have struggled for power over their fellowmen in order that they might win the joys of earth at the expense of others, and might shift the burden of life from their own shoulders upon those of ot.

William Graham Sumner

History could pass for a scarlet text, its jot and title graven red in human blood.

Eldridge Cleaver

Christian history looks glorious in retrospect; but it is made up of constant hard choices and unattractive tasks, accepted under the pressure of the Will of God.

Evelyn Underhill

History, sir, will tell lies, as usual.

George Bernard Shaw

History is a set of lies agreed upon.

Napoleon Bonaparte

History is bunk.

Henry Ford

History is more or less bunk.

Henry Ford

I like the dreams of the future, better than the history of the past.

Thomas Jefferson

Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the governing of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.

Thomas Jefferson

There is a history in all men's lives.

William Shakespeare

Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.

Edmund Burke

One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say.

Will Durant

A single event can shape our lives or change the course of history.

Deepak Chopra

History is philosophy teaching by example, and also warning; its two eyes are geography and chronology.

James A. Garfield

The flag is the embodiment, not of sentiment, but of history.

Woodrow Wilson

History teaches that wars begin when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap.

Ronald Reagan

How could you be a Great Man if history brought you no Great Events, or brought you to them at the wrong time, too young, too old?

Lois McMaster Bujold

If, after all, men cannot always make history have meaning, they can always act so that their own lives have one.

Albert Camus

Without words, without writing and without books there would be no history, there could be no concept of humanity.

Hermann Hesse

No cause is left but the most ancient of all, the one, in fact, that from the beginning of our history has determined the very existence of politics, the cause of freedom versus tyranny.

Hannah Arendt

I respect every soldier, from every country, who serves beside us in the hard work of history. America is grateful, and America will not forget.

George W. Bush

America has never been an empire. We may be the only great power in history that had the chance, and refused – preferring greatness to power and justice to glory.

George W. Bush

America is therefore the land of the future, where, in the ages that lie before us, the burden of the World's History shall reveal itself.

Georg W. Hegel

They're certainly saying all the right words, but after their history, everyone's waiting to see them execute.

Mike Feibus

This is a living history. They should teach this in high school.

Bryan Kennedy

A generation which ignores history has no past and no future.

Robert A. Heinlein

That might be the first time in school history we're 5-0, but I can't say that for sure.

John Andreoli

The discovery of America was the occasion of the greatest outburst of cruelty and reckless greed known in history.

Joseph Conrad

I believe that there are certain contexts in black communities as a sign of belonging and an attempt to remember that history will be written away.

Davarian Baldwin

But our history has been that we've been a pretty good offensive football team, and should be one again. That's my confidence.

Javon Walker

For the first time in history, sex is more dangerous than the cigarette afterward.

Jay Leno

With us getting married, there was always going to be history there. If it hadn't been here it would have been in the park.

Ricci Rios

He has a lot of history with area. It shows his commitment, and I'm sure it's part of the reason he is so committed.

David Frank

History may be divided into three movements: what moves rapidly, what moves slowly and what appears not to move at all.

Fernand Braudel

The blues is part of our history, our culture, and it's being forgotten. We want to do something about that.

Chad Kassem

Now he needs 800 more at-bats to be the greatest hitter in history.

Todd Jones

The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion.

Arthur C. Clarke

There's an old saying about those who forget history. I don't remember it, but it's good.

Stephen Colbert

While we read history we make history.

George William Curtis

It's just like the Red Sox-Yankees in our sport. There's a lot of hatred there, a lot of history.

Dan Lacouture

That's all a man can hope for during his lifetime - to set an example - and when he is dead, to be an inspiration for history.

William Mckinley

What experience and history teaches us is that people and governments have never learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

We make up most of our history around here, ... Codger.

Roy Rogers

This is the outstanding achievement not only of our lifetime but in terms of human history.

Michael Dexter

Just to be part of something great, this is history we're living in right now. We changed the face of college basketball.

Lamar Butler

This is a milestone in the history of ABB.

Fred Kindle

We have more body fat in the state of Utah than we have ever had before in history.

Steven Aldana

He has a true sense of history and pride in the state.

John Wiater

We're going to have things that talk about Englewood, that talk about the history and where we've been the last 100 years.

Shelly Stont

The history of the wagon wheel bridges is tumultuous at best.

Patrick Halsted

He played a lot of slot in high school. Based on his history, he could probably help us there.

Todd Monken

He who puts out his hand to stop the wheel of history will have his fingers crushed.

Lech Walesa

We are enjoying one of the most favorable economic climates in our history and are outstripping the rest of the U.K. in almost every aspect of economic activity.

Rhodri Morgan

If anything, it is a good time to be in the market based on past history.

Michael Panzner

He was involved in some of the most difficult moments in PPL history. In the end, he did a very fine job.

David Schanzer

It's up to history to judge.

Pol Pot

We reenact battles in our area, but we also do living history, enacting daily life at schools and community centers.

Alex Davis

We are proud of our 40 year history in Australia and our commitment in the 1960s to begin manufacturing in Australia which we continue here today.

Marketing Manager

We're not aware of any history of seizures or blackouts.

Joel Henderson

We have a history of accretive transactions that have significantly benefited shareholders.

Dianne Neal

One congressman is not going to go to Washington and change the economic history of a district. What a congressman does is change the economic circumstances.

Al Weed

This is one of those times when history looks upon us to see where we are.

Tom Umberg

History seems to be so clumsy.

Robert Johnson

That donation of land enabled us to have all our diamonds in one place, and the rest is history.

Warren Beville

That has to be the biggest comeback in the history of high school skiing.

Greg Mcclallen

Make the time because it's important to you and your family and the history of the family.

Annette Pacarro

It was one-on-one. He asked me some American history questions, and I had to say the Pledge of Allegiance. At least he didn't ask me to sing.

Gwin Price

It's a special bit of British history that New Zealanders can connect with.

David Quarmby

I got the one hire in '75; I thanked my brother for making me change my mind; and the rest, as they say, is history.

Dick Bavetta

History will look back and say it was very worthwhile.

David Mcgrew

We're willing to pay a reasonable amount to put this matter behind us. We want to go back to focusing on our business and not on ancient history.

Andrew Levin

These are ... sites that have a history of contamination, all of which are linked to massive neglect.

Klaus Toepfer

Walk the street with us into history. Get off the sidewalk.

Dolores Huerta

History teaches us lessons we should not forget.

Linda Wade

That's all we talked about all week, that we could make history.

Brodie Croyle

It's an exciting time. There's only one first bowl game in a team's history, and we're playing in it.

Pat Julmiste

Cut quarrels out of literature, and you will have very little history or drama or fiction or epic poetry left.

Robert Lynd

History is a pack of lies we play on the dead.


The only country that had this law is Canada. This was really racism.... Why strictly on Chinese? History said those people built the railways for Canada.

Philip Liang

This today is the most massive crisis migration, except perhaps the Civil War, in American history.

James Gregory

It was necessary to go back. There's too much history and tradition. We are Mardi Gras.

Naaman Stewart

We must never forget that the record on which we judge these defendants today is the record on which history will judge us tomorrow.

Robert H. Jackson

This is one of the most significant drug busts in the history of northeast Ohio.

Richard Denholm

So very difficult a matter is it to trace and find out the truth of anything by history.


History is too serious to be left to historians.

Ian Macleod

We are reaching a low point in the history of the profession. And as we eventually emerge from this it will be with a better profession, and a better financial market.

Art Bowman

It's up to every citizen to say that this time in our history is important enough that we will let our voices be heard.

Bob Riley

Popularity is the pocket change of history. The true measure is courage. There will never be another Charlton Heston.

Tom Selleck

History seems to be repeating itself.

James Lago

This is a good deal. We're all for historic preservation, and the Craig Bridge does have a lot of history to it.

Kent Barnes

The fans saw the most exciting race in the history of NASCAR in Idaho. They saw a lot of green-flag racing and a lot of crashes. It was definitely far from boring.

Steve York

There was never anything like it before in history. It was a different kind of joyous, happy screaming.

Jo Stafford

Especially gratifying since they follow on the heels of three of the most difficult and challenging years in our history.

Joe Crawford

History will prove that this is the end of the IRA.

Alec Reid

She is the first head of government in history to give a whole country its second childhood.

Simon Hoggart

We didn't just do well, we did well against history and against dollars.

Roy Romer

The vast majority are decent, law-abiding people. But, as with any large group, you're going to run into people who have a criminal history.

Katie Ford

Historic paintings used to focus on the history of a unit or company. Now, the focus is on what they are doing, themselves.

Rick Reeves

Which goalkeeper has the worst disciplinary record in history?

Andy Kelly

We'd like to create the same with women's history and to illustrate the knowledge that they have added to the history of our country.

Susan Jollie

The Bible is one of the most genocidal books in history.

Avram Noam Chomsky

My goal is to relate history to the modern day, ... History can give you an advantage because if you control the past, you control the future.

Jeff Evans

I'm taking a shot, baby. This is the biggest game in the history of college football.

Bill Meadows

I'm sick of making bloody history.

Patrick Rafter

That really placed him on the archaeological map. It really helped the beginnings of the rewriting of Egyptian history.

Tammis Groft

We are very pleased with how the holiday is going for us so far. It is the best we have had in our history.

Raul Vazquez

History is all around us. It's still being found today.

Susan Gray

I believe history will judge him as one of the strongest and most constructive of the Fed chairs.

Andrew Brimmer

You learn about equality in history and civics, but you find out life is not really like that.

Arthur Ashe

The '04 version is one of the greatest comeback seasons in Cal State Fullerton history.

George Horton

We'll go to two of the cemeteries and be dressed as people who did something outstanding in Raynham history and are buried there.

Kathleen Roberts

History teaches us lessons. How come there are no Chinese in the valley now? They were all chased off.

Jeresa Hren

I'm a pretty big believer that history is likely to repeat itself.

Robert Kotick

Selma, it is time for us now to put our civil war and civil rights history in the museum.

James Perkins

Everybody's got to have some growth. I remember Golden before everything, it was cool ? but I'm a history buff. You can still go down to the creek and imagine nobody's here.

Kay Davis

It's the first time Nordstrom in its 100-year history has ever done something for an athletic conference.

Hade Robinson Jr

We've lost a lot of history, but we have gained a lot of friends we didn't realize we had.

Wardell Harris

We're hoping that people will get a sense of appreciation for the history of the town.

Pam Wilson

This court has a dark history, it has always been chosen to try political opponents. This is a political verdict.

Amir Salem

RSI reached the lowest level ever in the history of the February contract.

Carl Neill

That car of his is a bit old these days. It's a bit of history. It could be time for a change.

Ray Borrett

He has a criminal history in Atlanta for failure to appear. That shows his propensity not to comply with a court order.

Lorrain Croy

We added far more customers and employees in the first quarter of 1999 than in any other quarter of our history.

Charles Brewer

This is something like we have never seen before in the history of the industry.

Jonathan Harris

There's so much character and history in that than there ever would be in a Wal-Mart.

Chris Brewer

Europe often seems sort of overly concerned with the weight of history and stuff. We don't have much history here, so... .

Chuck Close

Every muscular contraction contains the history and meaning of its origin.

Wilhelm Reich

The single most harmful, disgraceful and racist act in our history.

Irwin Cotler

I truly feel blessed and honored to have that title. I'm really excited that my grandkids will be reading about me in history books.

Vonetta Flowers

I'm sure that history will justify our choice.

Shimon Peres

The Biblical prophet doesn't predict the future, but bears witness to the presense of God in history.

Nicolas Gomez Davila

I don't think in the history of Fort Myers that we've ever had anything like this.

Lucas Benitez

We did what we set out to do, ... We preserved history.

Alon Pinkas

She represents the history and tradition set forth by the Sisters of Mercy.

Larry Beck

I think we should learn about all cultures history. We're all connected.

Jessica Wilson

This is the largest organized crime and gambling case in Fairfax County's history.

Captain David Vice

We had nearly $14 billion in revenue – the best in our history.

Peter Oppenheimer

Yeah, that's right. We made history. Not bad, huh?

Chris Mary

She was left out of history and betrayed then and now on the eve of the 21st Century, and they are trying to leave her out of history and betray her again.

C. Delores Tucker

We never forget about history, ... but we have to serve the story.

Jerry Bruckheimer

Every card is a record of history. They are like pieces of a puzzle.

Janet Devries

Flights are very full, probably at the highest...what we call 'load factor', the ratio between seats available and seats filled. We have the highest load factor in our history.

Bob Noble

We get a lot of tourists through there. There's a critical part of the nation's history sitting there.

Nicole Cline

He's almost become a cartoon character. He's viewed as the most evil villain in baseball history.

Dan Holmes

The ceremony was one of the largest events in the town's history.

Scott Marshall

It's a gorgeous country with all sorts of history, ... A lot of Europeans vacation in Portugal, but it hasn't really caught on with North Americans.

Melisse Gelula

When the great history of trouble is written, my family will stand extremely high in the table of contents.

Allan Sherman

It's a great opportunity for us. We're going with someone who has experience, and if you look at most people who succeed they've got a history in this event.

David Massey

Given the coverage of Karl Rove, we thought it was appropriate, especially given the history of the strip.

Lee Salem

History repeats itself; that's one of the things that's wrong with history.

Clarence Darrow

It's a great opportunity for us to make history and we're very much aware of that.

Todd Woodbridge