Ted Koppel
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"Edward James Martin "Ted" Koppel" is a British American broadcast Journalism/journalist, best known as the News presenter/anchor for Nightline (US news program)/Nightline from the program's inception in 1980 until his retirement in late 2005. After leaving Nightline, Koppel worked as managing editor for the Discovery Channel before resigning in 2008. Koppel is currently a senior news analyst for National Public Radio and contributing analyst to BBC World News America, and contributes to NBC News.

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I felt a certain amount of embarrassment about doing it (covering the trial) on a regular basis. Every time we did O.J., the ratings went up 10 percent.

At some point, it would probably be time to pull out anyway.

History is a tool used by politicians to justify their intentions.

In the days of Caesar, kings had fools and jesters. Now network presidents have anchormen.

There were great moments very early on, great moments in the middle and great moments at the end, ... What I'm proudest of is that we've maintained high standards from beginning to end. I don't think we ever let down standards.

The responsibility that I feel is to do as good a job as a journalist as I can possibly do.

Emotions get in the way but they don't pay me to start crying at the loss of 269 lives. They pay me to put some perspective on the situation.

The whole mood of the country has changed.

It's their broadcast in the final analysis, ... I've always taken the position it's our job to make the program as attractive to the audience as we could possibly make it, but there are limits. You don't bring on dancing girls.