Ben Manski
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"Ben Manski" is an United States/American attorney, organizer, and democracy activist. He is the founder of the Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution, and co-founder of Move to Amend, Wisconsin Wave, the 180/Movement for Democracy and Education, and United for Peace and Justice. In 2011, he served as chair of the first biennial "Democracy Convention."

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Were the radical democratic impulses of the American Revolution still driving US politics, it would be difficult to imagine corporatization of the kind witnessed today. But that impulse has weakened, and therelationship between the people and the corporation has reversed.

Foreign rightwing fundamentalists attacked the United States. Domestic rightwing fundamentalists took the spotlight. And everywhere, progressives, liberals, and moderates either fell in behind them, or retreated into the shadows . . . We have seen the consequences.

If history has ended, it has been stopped at remarkable cost to the average US citizen.

Retreat usually leads to defeat.

Democracy demands an opposition party.