Todd Jones
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"Todd Barton Jones" is a former Major League Baseball relief pitcher. He batted left-handed and threw right-handed. He was an effective Middle relief pitcher/middle reliever for a variety of teams, and he had an up-and-down career as a closer (baseball)/closer. On September 16, , Jones became the 21st member of the 300-save (baseball)/save club and later ended his career as the Detroit Tigers' all-time leader in saves.

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Now he needs 800 more at-bats to be the greatest hitter in history.

At this rate, he only needs another 800 at-bats to be the greatest hitter of all time.

You feel kind of stupid actually handing out Marlin T-shirts to somebody like that.

[Sometimes, it feels like the Marlins are. Even with their World Series rings and their spandex-clad cheerleaders the Marlins rank second to last in the N.L. in attendance. The Miami Dolphins, fresh off a four-victory season, can expect capacity crowds.] In New York, in Philly, you know they're revved up, ... Here, it's like the fans have a football mentality.

It was an internal meeting about internal things that stay in the Marlins internally.

Dontrelle pitched great and he got the loss. It's not very fair. That's the way it goes though.

He's the type of guy that not too many guys can relate to because they just don't know what it's like to have that kind of stuff.

It's easy to say stuff like that when there's only a week to go in the season. A.J.'s a free spirit. He's got to live with his comments.

Your career's all downhill from here.