There's so much character and history in that than there ever would be in a Wal-Mart.

The specific thing we're trying to accomplish here is to stabilize a neighborhood that probably, if nothing is done, will continue to deteriorate.

When Paris went down (on Tuesday), Lindsey took it upon herself to take over. She knew this team needed her, and that's what she did. Today, she gave everything she possibly had on the floor. You can't ask anything more. It bodes well for the future because she's shown that she can now take over this team.

They?ll do a presentation on ?stop, drop and roll,?

Every year, the NFPA [National Fire Protection Association] does something different.

What we have is low snow in the majority of the snowmobiling regions of the province.

This is the first year the chief?s job has been a two-year term.

We do have average students in AP classes right now that are succeeding. They know it's more of a challenge, and they tend to strive and work a little bit harder in that class than they normally would in a Regents class.

[The area] is 98 percent student based. There's an opportunity for more than that.