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We've got some awesome people coming in to perform. That will be fun.

Sue Shockley

It's an awesome district and to have busted it up would have been almost blasphemy.

Scott Phillips

Tyrone was great. He's awesome. I wish we had five of him. Even two of him.

Mike Stock

I feel awesome. We do what we can and hope it does make a difference.

Liz Thompson

It will be awesome. I think it will be a good thing for the state.

Brittany Holestine

They were awesome. The tech support is there, 24-7.

Joseph Brown

It is an awesome team for the Games.

Shayne Reese

But this time she was awesome; she had her best meet ever.

Tami Harrison

A.J. was great. He really did an awesome job of filling the gaps.

Chris Stanton

It was an awesome match.

Barbara King

I was looking at these guys on TV last year. Now I'm one of them. It's really awesome.

Joey Miller

Danielle had 10 strikeouts and Tiffany had 11 strikeouts. That's just awesome.

Veronica Wiggins

It's awesome. We're dedicated to this country.

Chad Taylor

She was awesome. She had location on all of her pitches and was just outstanding.

Brian Glass

Isn't this awesome? They haven't even marketed this in the states.

Ryan Carlson

This is the top. It doesn't get any better than this. It's just awesome.

Stacy Dudley

This is awesome for me since this is my first year winning the event.

Tim Lawson

I think it would be awesome to work with athletes and help them.

Jon Koller

This is awesome. You can't beat it.

John Morris

Just awesome. All them seats surrounding you.

Reggie Abercrombie

He was awesome. He was a good guy.

Jim Farrell

She is very fun. And I am amazed at how well she gets around. She does a lot for herself. She's just awesome.

Julie Miller

This is an awesome piece of equipment.

Dick Anderson

It was awesome, we had so many people say how much they loved it.

Nick Kastner

She had awesome control tonight. No walks, that helps tremendously.

Vern Wilder

It's awesome. We earned it. We did a month's preparation.

Brian Hunt

It was awesome. I still get goose bumps when I think about it.

Trevor Gerland

He was unbelievable. Johnny can do that. It was awesome to watch.

Christian Maraker

It was awesome. I was able to take an awful night and make it memorable.

Travis Tucker

It was awesome. I had never been involved in anything like that before. It was pretty awesome.

Tracy Williams

It would be awesome for him to go, but it would be so overwhelming emotionally.

Steve Stewart

The awesome antiphon swelled in the dark and expanded.

Kathryn Hulme

Awesome. They worked ahead all weekend and that's exactly what we need them to do.

Holly Van Vlymen

For being a league game, it was awesome.

Dave Cassaw

Awesome job. He came up big tonight.

Mark Hatton

Caroline had a great day, an awesome day.

Rex Watkins

They say he's one of the best goalie prospects ever. He's awesome.

Ryan Whitney

It was awesome playing out there, everyone stepping up.

Christian Maraker

I'm blown away. I heard they were going to be all right, but they were awesome.

Mason Dyer

It was awesome. It was weird: You see him [Bush] on TV, and then he's shaking your hand.

Courtney Thompson

She is feeling awesome. She is responding well to the chemo.

Leticia Garcia

It was awesome. They definitely helped us get through this (tournament).

Monica Roman

That would be amazing. It would be a good plan to go for. It was awesome, I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Kara Cook

It's awesome. But this one is special because it's my last year.

Dustin Perry

It's awesome. She's finally experiencing it.

Kurt Knauff

It (was) awesome. I like smaller crowds like that.

Brad Mates

That overtime win was awesome.

Alan Sypert

We were thrilled for her. It was awesome.

Jarrid Rodriguez

They just kept going and didn't give up. That was awesome.

Donalyn Woeste

But it's a pretty awesome job.

Pedro Yanowitz

It's awesome. Today we're going to Taco Bell!

Matt Hartman

I've never had that happen before. That was awesome.

David Calloway

Whoa, it's awesome. You get the chills walking in there. It's a sea of red. Awesome.

Joe Crede

They played awesome. They defended us well, and we got out of our game somewhat.

Dan Letarte

This is huge. It's an awesome feeling. It was so much a team win.

Addie Micir

They didn't think what they saw was going to be as awesome and inspirational as it was.

Terry Kohl

My two men are awesome.

Denise Marshall

That's awesome. It was completely incidental.

Luis Castillo

She was awesome. It's so hard to walk through these halls without her here.

Marsha Quinn

I was shocked. The girls just had an awesome day.

Cris Violette

It's awesome. It's like an amusement park.

Aaron Lewis

It's awesome. I can't even describe it. It's something I've dreamed about as a coach for years.

Randy Jordan

The whole show is going to be awesome.

Andrea Hernandez

Coach (Jones) drew it up for us all week. He said, 'This is how it would be,' and it was. It was awesome.

Colt Brennan

It's awesome. To make history and be a part of this is something special.

Christy Porter

He's a good guy and an awesome coach. He's gotten us where we are.

Laechia Conley

That was awesome. At this level, to have that consistent of a serve, is awesome.

Shanna O'bright

Any event that sells out of turkey legs is awesome.

Gary Aubuchon

It's awesome. The team is playing with so much confidence right now.

Teemu Selanne

It was awesome to run the bar. There are a lot of cool, great people who came here.

Christopher Plummer

They obviously enjoy it, they're loving it, so if we can come out and support them, (that's) awesome.

Ray Rodriguez

As a coach, he's awesome. Awesome. He knows his stuff.

Mike Walton

It's pretty awesome. We played well, and I'm so proud of every one of them.

Robin Dezarn

That's awesome. I am so proud of all of you.

Stacy Dent

It'd be awesome to go to Knoxville and get a big win for the state of Kentucky.

Seth Tamme

That was just awesome, I'm over the moon.

Libby Lenton

It's awesome, ... The longer they wait, the more publicity this will get.

Laurie Taylor

It was quite awesome, I still can't quite believe it.

Anne Wallace

Like a kid on a playground, he said, 'Well, that is awesome. This is terrific research.' .

Jeff Christian

We'll just see how it goes when we're out there. Fast, slow, it will be awesome either way.

Sarah Bard

That was awesome, we knew we had it when we scored that goal. We had momentum.

Brent Cardali

It's awesome to make it here again; it really is. But not when we planned on doing a lot more.

Tara Grier

What an awesome guy. I feel very grateful.

Barbara Dunn

They're awesome. Now we need to find out what they like to do.

John Wilson

He's really awesome. He loves everybody. He's a happy boy.

Lindsay Simmons

It never gets tiring. This is awesome.

Vicky Sunohara

It was pretty neat, pretty awesome.

Libby Smith

It would be awesome for Tyler to get it this year. I know how badly he wants it.

Ross Millman

I thought we had it. I had a smile from ear-to-ear. It was awesome.

Raul Rodriguez

To share a piece of history with that guy is awesome.

Sherdrick Bonner

It's definitely an awesome surprise.

Whitney Myers

Awesome. He was just simply awesome.

Geovany Soto

It was just an awesome day all the way around.

Mary Marion

This is what I've dreamed about. This is awesome.

Josh Strawn

Michele had an awesome night.

Amy Freeto

Awesome! Eleven bucks? Can't beat it.

Dan Peterson

He was awesome.

Jason Maas

It was an awesome place to play and I made a lot of friends here.

Adam Dennis

That'll be awesome, being able to play one more game with him.

Seth Tamme

It was awesome, fun. I'd like to get to sit out there more often.

Greg Rivera

This effort is awesome, because there are a lot of families in need.

Chris Resop

The support we received from the school and community was awesome.

Joe Crocco

It was awesome, the greatest feeling in the world. You're on top. No one can say they're better than you. It's a great feeling.

Jeff Liggins

Playing at 'the X,' just the atmosphere is awesome.

Ryan Potulny

She did some awesome things.

Karla Kinstler

It was awesome. It can't believe we made it this far. It was an amazing ride.

Chase Yoder

It's awesome. This is going to be with us forever.

Brandon Lee

It's awesome, dude. You can launch a wiener in there.

Tommy Lee

It has been awesome. The people are great.

Sharon Meikle

It feels awesome. From Day 1, I knew this would be one hell of an Olympics, and it was.

Rosey Fletcher

All the guys pitched well. Valdes ? he was awesome.

Geovany Soto

There are so many awesome things you can do with the board, that I'm still learning all it can do.

Carol Griffin

It was so awesome. It benefited everybody.

Lucy Ivins

It's just really an awesome experience.

Debbie Sheridan

To see all of our guys swim and do awesome is just great.

Pat Daurio

Victor rode him awesome. He ran a huge race.

Kristin Mulhall

It's a cool deal -- I'm glad for them, ... To be selected is awesome.

Randy Stone

It really is an awesome day for the kids. It hits on a lot of different areas of science.

Barb Jeffries

It's just awesome. It is such a fun thing for the kids to do. It is run so well.

Jacky Gaddis

It's awesome, top of the world.

Nick Purdue

I have to see that. This is so awesome.

Sean Cunningham

It's awesome. I don't know if I'll be able to go to sleep tonight.

Sarah Lowe

We got really lucky with an awesome group of girls -- it's so much fun.

Robert Whitney

The Masters is going to be an awesome challenge.

Nigel Mansell

I'm so touched. I had an awesome jam session in a classroom today.

Jake Shimabukuro

The consumer was awesome, the standout in the quarter.

Wayne Bopp

They're just wonderful to watch. Their ability to dance ... is awesome.

Mary Mcmahon

I just love these kids - we just have awesome kids.


It was awesome to be a part of.

Matthew Lombardi

I've been in a slump, and to come back and win something like this is awesome.

Alexandra Bodemann

It's awesome. I'm just so happy for them. They're great.

Gordon Hartwell

The crew's feeling awesome, and we're ready to go to work up here.

Robert Cabana

'Awesome' would be the word.

Kelly Chandler

I don't have a prayer that we'll win, but it's awesome to be up there with those bands.

Mick Barr

They were awesome, awesome people. This is a true loss to the area and to the community.

Sean Torgerson

And we were, and it was awesome!

Natalie Maines

It's awesome to have them out.

Bobbie Lee Gruninger

I think it's awesome, ... They possess talents we aren't aware of.

Cynthia Smith

I couldn't be more proud of them. They really did an awesome job.

Gary Wilson

Oh, the care she got was awesome.

Cynthia Turner

Here, you hold it wide open and go. That's all you can do. The speed is awesome.

Justin Diercks

Spencer had an awesome race.

Keith Cole

This is awesome after 20 days. Wow.

Louie Fernandez

It was awesome. The line for autographs stretched all the way through the Sports Academy and wrapped around it.

Jim Rew

It's awesome (we all qualified). I think we had a pretty good day.

Cory Bogler

They've worked really hard. They did awesome. They're extremely dedicated.

Jamie Anderson

They're just awesome to us.

Steve Thompson

Devin did an awesome job.

Curt Smith

The second time, we decided to have it at Bass Pro, and it was awesome.

Vera Gibbons

I've never known what it felt like (to win a regional), but it's awesome.

Jenny Petrie

The fans are awesome, they support us more than anywhere in the country.

Jason Martin

She's not great because she's awesome. She's great because she's 86 years old.

Dennis Jacobs

It's hard, but it's good. Not a lot of sleep, but it's awesome.

Josiah Phillips

It was an awesome noise. What he has done is unbelievable.

Frank Molinaro

Oh, it's awesome. I'm excited.

Bobby Lewis

Vanessa did an awesome job. She stood tall and she was fearless.

Shawn Mcelroy

It would have been awesome to have won one more and be in the finals again.

Jeff Talbott

And that hot chocolate was the best thing in the world. It was awesome.

Mark Hines

(Practice is) going to be awesome. I have no complaints about anything right now.

Melissa Teasdale

It was awesome to have them here.

Chrissy Mastry

Our blocking tonight was awesome. We were everywhere it seemed.

Anna Lau

It's always good to win. It was an awesome day.

Nick Kelly

They've been awesome. Without them, who knows where me and my siblings would be. We may be out on the street.

Krystal Thomas

The outpouring has been awesome.

Alton Swann

That's awesome. I'm still in a daze. It's unbelievable.

Jamie Christensen

It feels so awesome and it's nice to see that recognition.

Kaylin Austen

Abi played awesome in the goal. They had some cracks, and she played with confidence.

Pete Hald

My boys were awesome today.

John Mcbride

It's very important because it's a great award, ... It's awesome.

Miguel Cabrera

Hey, how're you doing, you guys are awesome!

Jim Voss

If that's not a man going to work. That is absolutely awesome.

Al Walker

Its a weird game. It's awesome. I'm so proud of these guys. We've got another day tomorrow.

Dino Ebel

Oh that was awesome. I'm still clear up on cloud nine.

Charlie Fehrenbach

I love it. It's awesome. For me, there's a lot of room in the outfield to roam.

Alex Walker

Awesome, awesome. I'm not surprised, I knew she was gonna come in here and ball.

Nicole Powell

She's training awesome on the dirt.

Julio Canani

It was awesome to watch a guy come up here in his major-league debut and do what he did.

Jack Wilson

She did an awesome job in coverage and playing outside hitter.

Carolyn Rogers

I'm so excited, this is awesome. We get to go back and get another shot (at states).

Mike Favero

This kid is awesome. I'm just so proud.

Kathleen Patterson

She played awesome. We have all the confidence in the world in her.

Megan Kennedy

That's going to be awesome.

Warren Beaulah

It was an awesome team effort. The girls really wanted it.

George Wrye

It's amazing how they've changed over the years. It's awesome that I had the chance to see it.

Jason Murphy

He's put in an awesome amount of time learning what he has to do.

Deon Mcphee

This is awesome. Now we're in sectionals.

Kristin Leitheuser

I heard this noise. It was awesome.

John Mcdonald

I'm on cloud nine. It was awesome to be a part of that.

Marc Hawkins

The wheel was awesome, just awesome. You can't realize how big the thing is until you see it.

Marcia Freeman

This is awesome. ... It's sweet to go out on top.

Janae Voelker

Awesome. Aside from Ted Williams, he's the only guy I'd pay to see in batting practice.

Eddie Robinson

It's awesome. It's my home field. I can't wait.

Zach Fielder