Miguel Cabrera
FameRank: 10

"José Miguel Cabrera Torres", commonly known as "Miguel Cabrera" and nicknamed "Miggy", is a Venezuelan professional baseball first baseman who plays for the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball (MLB). He bats and throws right-handed. He formerly played left fielder/left field, right fielder/right field, and for most of his career, third baseman/third base. He currently spends the majority of his playing time at first baseman/first base. Cabrera is a nine-time Major League Baseball All-Star Game/All-Star, having been selected to both the National League and American League (AL) All-Star teams. He progressed through the Florida Marlins minor league system, before being called up from the Minor league baseball/Double-A Carolina Mudcats (1991–2011)/Carolina Mudcats in June 2003. Cabrera went on to help the Marlins win the 2003 World Series as their clean-up hitter.

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I've played hurt. But this is the knee. I can't (move it around).

That's a very nice feeling. Last year, I hit 30 home runs and drove in 100 runs but we didn't go nowhere. Right now, we have a chance to go somewhere. That's most important to me.

He almost got it, but I got it over him.

That's the big question every year -- can I drive in 100 RBIs every year? ... That's what I'm supposed to do. I want to do it every year.

It's tough, but you've got to beat them. We want to win the game. They [Clemens and Pettitte] are very good pitchers. They are some of the best pitchers in the league.

Forget the veterans. They haven't told me anything, and they better not come tell me anything, either.

I was thinking, 'Whoa,' ... I say to myself, 'I better watch out. I've got to be ready.'

It happens sometimes, ... I feel bad. It's not going to happen again. When you're late, you see what happens.

It's very important because it's a great award, ... It's awesome.