Curt Smith
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"Curt Smith" is an English musician. He is best known for forming the band Tears for Fears, along with childhood friend Roland Orzabal. Also a solo artist, he has released four full-length albums.

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I don't think this will be seen as the governor backing away from the death penalty.

We need to be open-minded about what the center could be, and we need to understand what it can't be.

. . . He works in a public craft. He works in the most middle class and family friendly of all American sports. He works in a realm where that kind of language is never tolerated.

I don't think it's a bombshell. I don't think anybody is shocked by this.

Devin did an awesome job.

Again, we gave up a run in the first inning. That's three games in a row we gave up a run in the first. Hopefully, that won't happen (today).

Sad, selfish, self-defeating and, in the long run, incredibly stupid.

She was just mowing us down. Rick (Breed, assistant coach) was threatening to bunt earlier. In the fifth, we started laying some down.

Accidental or not, there is no place for that kind of language, period.