Julie Miller
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"Julie Anne Miller" is a songwriter, singer, and recording artist currently living in Nashville, Tennessee/Nashville, Tennessee. She married Buddy Miller in 1981. They sing and play on each other's solo projects and have recorded a duets album on HighTone Records.

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We believe that California taxpayers deserve the right to independently and privately prepare and file their own taxes. Our concern has been that this program targets predominantly low-income and minority taxpayers who may be put at a disadvantage by getting what looks like a bill from the state.

She is very fun. And I am amazed at how well she gets around. She does a lot for herself. She's just awesome.

I think our legs just weren't with us in the final.

One thing that I have learned from this (negotiations) is that I would like better communication between the board and staff.

Doing taxes by hand manually is like churning your own butter.

Doing your return manually is akin to churning your own butter.

It was a marketing channel for companies to acquire new customers (and) to market additional services. It had definitely strayed from its original philanthropic intent.

We have consistently voiced our concern that over the past several years, the Free File Alliance had drifted from its original philanthropic and public-service intent.

Presbyterian and CMC are both great hospitals. But I'm leaning to CMC as my hospital of choice because of my employment history.