As long as we're keeping our linemen in a position to feeling confident and not put them out there to block for three-and-a-half to four seconds, we'll have a shot to make some plays.

It's hard to play Utah. We know a lot of those guys, and they know what we do. It was like playing yourself.

We're trying to get a win any way possible. We have to execute. Coach White likes to have his guys ready, so we just have to come out and try to get it done.

I feel like we've taken some steps each week, gotten a little better.

I am fortunate to have a guy like Randy around to help me achieve this milestone. More importantly we got the win. This was a real testament to what happens when we play as a team.

To share a piece of history with that guy is awesome.

There was a lot of electricity in the air tonight. We are getting used to coming in here and playing well.

San Jose was the only team willing to give him a shot.

We didn't make adjustments and play through their holding and grabbing. It kind of caught us off guard. It took us a couple of series, but once we got it going, we got it going. But you can't spot a good team 13 points.