We really wanted to focus on defense right out of the locker room and the girls stepped it up in the third. We stayed on pace and the free throws were big for us, too.

Everybody loves it, except for the company.

He doesn't beat around the bush. It's refreshing how he's not worried about being politically correct.

We're in the process of buying our own.

We've already mailed them out. Today being a holiday, they will probably get them on (today). They came out really nice. They are orange, the same style as in the movie 'Glory Road.' No one had the trim that they used, so we had to contact the company that made the uniforms for the movie and get it from them.

They will probably see very little impact in the beginning and then, as time goes on, as the average updates, that's when you would see the increases.

I couldn't be more proud of them. They really did an awesome job.

We were pretty much in control the while game. We started slow, but defensively did a pretty decent job.

We're 4-5 and we should be 7-2.