Vanessa has been a rock for us. She's only a sophomore, but she's our field general, and she produces. She's kept us in every game.

I think we kinda got down on ourselves when they got up on us 2-0 and then that soft goal at the end, but basically we played them pretty even in the second half.

No we didn't have it planned, but, it just worked out that way.

They had some quick players and they just executed the basics. We've been working on the same kinds of things, we're just not quite there yet.

We don't really try to a trap.

I knew we could play well, but I wasn't sure we could play with a more physical, bigger team (such as Aspen). But they showed up, and they played awesome.

Vanessa did an awesome job. She stood tall and she was fearless.

I think we were tired. We have a pretty short bench, and our marking wasn't near as good as it was in the first half.