Every project has hurdles. This project has never gotten to the point where the hurdles are insurmountable.

We lacked the killer touch. It is as simple to explain and as difficult to put right as that.

Anything that enhances our ability to serve the public in case of emergency is a good thing.

The pipeline is running about half as much oil through now as it did when it first opened, I see the life of the oil line being extended for a lot more years.

They're just awesome to us.

Our set pieces went well and we scored some nice tries…….it was a good all-round effort.

They're always there to support us. If an officer gets sick, they're there to provide meals or help.

I think the key thing is for [Schweitzer and Campbell] to develop a solid personal relationship. Because this is something that needs to be dealt with at the highest levels.

If I had a donor call tomorrow, it would be a challenge, They'll be welcome to donate as much as they can.