For him not to finish as many races as he has is frustrating. I think this whole race-every-single-race deal - if everything is not lined up - is not productive. You have to back up and ask what is my priority? To compete at my best or just make another start?

I am happy for my guys, especially about the combined of course. It was a solid, good performance, and it's good to see them cross the finish line.

The whole thing with (the TV interview) bothered him. I think maybe a little time off will help him gain perspective on the whole thing and why he does it and how important it is to him. What he's capable of achieving. Right now the important thing is for him to come into the Olympics on top of his game.

I bet he was going 75 or 80 miles an hour right then.

He can be fantastic. He WILL be fantastic.

It's cool that he's leading the overall, but he's so focused on the downhill title. The next month is super important to him.

My boys were awesome today.

It might be a good way for him to ground himself a bit. I think it's great he's with his brother. Not only getting away from the sports but putting everything in perspective.