Matthew Lombardi
FameRank: 3

"Matthew Lombardi" is a Canada/Canadian professional ice hockey center (ice hockey)/center who is currently playing with Genève-Servette HC/Genève-Servette of the National League A (NLA), the top tier league in Switzerland.

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It was a long road back but it's over now and this summer is awesome. Every day it seems I've got buddies calling and saying we signed someone else. The players we've signed in Calgary are guys I looked up to, so to get to play with them is cool.

Dono made a great play, a great pass. He's on fire. It's good to see.

I'm anxious to see how it opens the game up.

Last summer was crappy -- it was brutal.

Mac did an awesome job. I saw him wheeling down there and he got to the puck first and then battled it out and then a one-handed pass, it was great. I was all alone and he gave me all the time in the world so hats off to him.

It was awesome to be a part of.

It'll be interesting to see what systems teams will be using against it.

Definitely it gives you a boost.

Guys won't be rimming it as much, or if you are, it'll have to be a hard rim. The goalies won't be allowed to be that extra defenceman.